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If you’re interested in carrying a Revolver for CCW, check out the pros and con and see our picks of good quality Revolvers for Personal Defense.

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Here are old Mausers rebuilt that looks like from Post-Apocalyptic weaponary from a Mad Max film.

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Having a good gun can be a great help in handling these Pests, but you don’t need to have a Big Hunting Rifle, you just need something for the backyard.

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How do you test your product? Well, in this case, his willing wife is just letting him take aim!

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This NeoMag is basically a clip with magnets to hold your pistol magazine inside your pocket, a great addition to your EDC.

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Watch Jerry goes thru the “Keso Run drill” in 1 second, where its all point shooting at close range on 3 different targets for those inside Bar Fight Scenes.

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Watch as this father is almost hit by his son’s arrow in this awful archery lesson that has gone wrong.

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