The NeoMag – Add this to your EDC

There are many gee whiz neat gadgets that comes out to make things easier for us. Like this NeoMag, its basically a clip with magnets to hold your pistol magazine inside your pocket, a great addition to your EDC.
This innovation is a clever way to carry extra ammo in a more concealable manner.
The NeoMag is an American made, CNC machined steel piece of American craftsmanship.

The neodymium rare earth magnet secures the magazine to the clip. The clip sits in the pocket and resembles the clip of knife, while the magazine sits concealed below the pocket lip.
Reloading is a breeze and there’s no fumbling in the pocket for a reload.

The NeoMag comes in three sizes depending on your choice of ammo.
Small fits the .380s – single or double stack.
Medium fits all the 40s and 9mm magazines.
Large size fits the .45s and 10mm single and double stacks.
The NeoMag in action
Placing the NeoMag inside the pocket isn’t the only places that you can clip it to.
You can clip it inside your waist band, your bugout bag or purse.
Most folks that have tested it out on the range while storing in their pockets have all agreed it works nicely.
Even in the kneeling and prone position.
If this was a TV infomercial it would be, “We tested front pockets, back pockets, crazy left handers, blue jeans, tactical cargo pants, BDUs…the NeoMag does it all.”
Everyone agreed that the NeoMag is snag free and goes well with your EDC.
With the NeoMag sitting low this prevents from being snagged when pulled out.
From a concealment perspective it does a great job of maintaining a low profile.

The NeoMag doesn’t work on all magazines.
So if you’re an M&P user, it doesn’t work.
Same thing goes for Beratta carriers.
Some aftermarket Glock magazines do not work (all polymer), they say the workaround is to use steel jacketed rounds instead of brass.
The NeoMag works with the original Glock mags which has the steel liner inside.
I strongly believe magnets and this style of retention are very much in the general shooting future and this product has some real legs on it.

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