Holiday Gift Guide

Concealed Carry Purses
Alford Designs Limited, LLC 

Alford Designs Limited offers handcrafted fashionable leather concealed carry purses, made in the USA. They offer a variety of styles and sizes of handcrafted purses, bags, wristlets, matching leather earrings and accessories, as well as a selection of men’s briefcases and satchels. 

Pictured are two purse styles: Item 1311 is 12 by 9 by 3 inches and Item 1112 is 10.5 by 9 by 3 inches, and both models have a 1-inch cut-resistant strap, inside holster and both are available in a variety of textured leathers. Shop early for best selection! 

Find Alford Designs Limited online at or on the web at

American Derringer

American Derringer now offers the M-1 in .327 Federal. The overall length is 4.82 inches, barrel length is 3 inches, and it weighs 14 ounces. It is made out of 17-4 stainless steel, and has a hammer block safety. All of American Derringer’s weapons are handmade and hand-polished in their shop in Waco, Texas, since 1980. They love what they do and love talking directly to the customer to make sure they are getting what they want.

Ammo Inc.

Night OPS allows you to visually track your projectile as it travels, and the frangible JHP transfers 100% of its energy into your target with devastating effect. Designed for law enforcement and personal defense, Night OPS jacketed hollow point frangible rounds are the ultimate defense.

American Rebel

American Rebel backpacks are made from the absolute best materials available, focusing on quality, functionality and style that conveys the spirit of the Second Amendment. They feature a proprietary Protection Pocket, plus a concealed compartment. The Freedom Pack has a designated compartment that fits American Rebel’s optional 2A ballistic shield.

American Rebel – Safe

American Rebel’s Black Smoke Safes represent the strength and rugged independence that America was built upon. It is constructed of pressure-formed American-made 11-gauge steel, three times stronger than 14-gauge steel used in most China-built containers. The door uses 11-gauge inner steel and a multi-layer 7/16-inch edge reinforcement – six times stronger than imported safes.  

Black Smoke Safes have a 1200-degree F 75-minute fire rating, and they come with a complete lifetime warranty for any attempted break-in, fire, or tornado damage. The folks at American Rebel will get your old safe open and removed, then replace it with a brand new safe inside your home. There are six different sizes to choose from, from home safes to 50-gun safes.

Athlon Optics

Serious shooters want serious gear! The Athlon Optics Midas TAC 5-25×56 gives those diehard enthusiasts premium features without breaking the bank. HD glass and a precision zero stop, built on a 34mm tube ensure this scope will work for any rifleman. A scope built to last a lifetime, backed by a lifetime warranty. $849.99

Perfect for hunters and target shooters alike. The Athlon Optics Talos 20-60×80 spotting scope delivers excellent light transmission due to silver coated K9 glass prisms and fully multi-coated lenses.  Use with the included table top tripod, or any standard ¼” x 20 accessory. Covered by a lifetime warranty. $149.99


For more than a hundred years, consumers have trusted Ballistol to lubricate, penetrate, clean, protect and preserve their firearms, leather gear, wood, metal surfaces and more. Ballistol cleans and removes all types of bore fouling. Cleaning with Ballistol will save you time, minimize the need for brushing, and also form a protective film on your firearm. Due to its slight alkalinity, Ballistol neutralizes and dissolves black powder and corrosive ammo residue. In addition, Ballistol will beautify gunstocks, and prevent them from drying out. As a lubricant, Ballistol will never gum up or harden. With an astonishingly wide range of applications, this environmentally friendly multi-purpose oil has become an essential tool for shooters, hunters, fishermen and handymen all over the world.

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Barnaul offers a wide range of ammunition. From small to large game, to sport shooting and personal protection, Barnaul has the right ammunition for your application. You can find this premium Russian made ammunition at your local firearms dealer, or many online firearms websites. 

Beyer Barrels

Beyer Barrels offers Standard 10/22, Takedown 10/22 and AR Rimfire barrels, from rifle to pistol length. Crafted from 7075 aluminum, Beyer’s premium aluminum alloy barrels are precisely machined, highly accurate, and weigh only 13 to 18 ounces, using Chromalloy steel liners. 

Manufactured in the USA by Clint Beyer, USCG Chief Engineer, retired. Go Beyer, and let your barrel “speak for itself.”

Caribou Gear Outdoor Equipment Company

NoCaribou Gear Outdoor Equipment Company manufacture of the worlds finest, patented meat care products. With innovative species specific packaging. Advanced fabric, with unique features such as light reflective attachments for easy night viewing, lock loops allowing to close and lock, great when sending your game meat to public coolers. To top this off their reusable for years of service.

CDNN Sports Inc

Now available from CDNN Sports is the DPMS AR-15 Upper M4 16-inch chrome-lined barrel with extended quad rail with an MSRP of $189.99.

Specifications and features include:Barrel length: 16-inch M4 DPMS marked chrome-lined barrel; Barrel thread pitch: 1/2×28;Chamber: 5.56 NATO;
Twist rate: 1:9 inches;Gas system: Carbine length direct impingement with A2 front sight gas block and bayonet lug;Muzzle device: A2 Flash Hider;Handguard: 11.75-inch anodized aluminum quad rail with t-markings.

Defiance Machine

The Defiance Tenacity action, built right here in Montana, with a 20 MOA scope rail and pinned recoil lug starting at an $885 retail price tag.  The Tenacity is built from the same certified pre-hardened steels and to the same tolerances as our Deviants and Rebels.  You won’t give up any quality with the Tenacity, just the ability of customization.  Utilizing new technology to keep the number of operations to a minimum, we tweaked the design, and limited the number of options in order to keep the price in reach of any shooter looking for a custom rifle action.  The Tenacity has become the “Go-to”, no-frills precision rifle action.


Dry Vapor Cleaner

The Defiance Tenacity action, built right here in Montana, with a 20 MOA scope rail and pinned recoil lug starting at an $885 retail price tag.  The Tenacity is built from the same certified pre-hardened steels and to the same tolerances as our Deviants and Rebels.  You won’t give up any quality with the Tenacity, just the ability of customization.  Utilizing new technology to keep the number of operations to a minimum, we tweaked the design, and limited the number of options in order to keep the price in reach of any shooter looking for a custom rifle action.  The Tenacity has become the “Go-to”, no-frills precision rifle action.

Elfman Tactical

The ELF 700 Precision Rifle Trigger is the pinnacle of drop in trigger systems for the Remington 700 and clone precision rifles. Easily adjustable from 2oz – 64oz, Proprietary Sealed Bearings, Curved and Straight Adjustable Shoes included. 100% Drop Safe, Zero Creep/Take-up, Optional Internal Bolt Release.  MSRP $296 

Custom Metal Products

Custom Metal Products has you covered for high-performance AR500 steel targets, sized just right for .22-caliber fun.

CMP Steel Targets are reactive moving targets to keep the shooting challenging for beginner or expert. Get the classic .22 Dueling Tree, the .22 Tactical Torso, or the .22 Texas Star, available now!

Cylinder Stoves

Enjoy all-night wood heat, a flat cooking surface, hot water for a shower and even an oven for baking with a Cylinder Stove.

Built in the mountains of Central Utah, Cylinder Stoves are crafted by hunting and camping folk who know what is expected of a good camp stove.

Dip inc.

We manufacture Aluminum and steel accessories to replace the OEM plastic parts for numerous brands of Rimfire rifles and pistols. Such as the CZ 457MTR (shown), Tikka T1X, Savage B22, Anschutz 54/64 action rifles, Marlin XT, 60 and 795, SAKO Quad, Steyr Xephyr II, and a host of others.

Ear Phone Connect

Keep the situational awareness; minimize the loud background noise. The NR Noise Reduction Lapel Microphone features noise-reduction technology, “easy-grip” Push-to-Talk (PTT) and your choice of coiled, short tube or new tubeless earpiece. To top it off, the kit is upgraded with the NAB Sound-Blocking Ear Tip for clear audio and all-day comfort.

Exquisite Knives grew out of ABS Mastersmith Dave Ellis’ love of all things edged.

Dave is personally involved in most aspects of the custom knife industry and has established relationships with top makers, dealers and collectors worldwide.

Knife pictured is from the three-brother team from Argentina, CAS. for the finest in custom knives.


The GPO PASSION™ 8×32 ED binoculars bring brilliant, crisp, clear, colorful images through the optical system using high-grade ED optical glass, premium BAK-4 phase corrected prisms, and GPObright™ high transmission lens coatings.  They are waterproof, fog proof and are backed with GPO, USA’s Spectacular Lifetime Warranty™ adding a lifetime of security to the purchase, at no added cost, EVER. $429.99

Kirkpatrick Leather

With the Rifle Shell Holder from Kirkpatrick Leather, rifle shotshell reloads will be close at hand for your next hunting trip. Constructed of premium eight-ounce saddle leather, the rifle shell holder is offered for a wide array of rifles. 

Choose from plain with laser-engraved name for $105 or plain with laser-engraved logo for $115.

Lyman Products

With Pachmayr’s history in the industry they thought it was only right to produce a line of knives that ran parallel with their other products. This new line consists of 6 knives that cover a wide spectrum of functions. Whether you are looking for a tactical utility knife or an everyday carry option you should have no trouble finding a Pachmayr knife that is right for you. In this line you have the Dominator, Grunt, Grappler, Griffin, Snare and Blacktail. Each knife has its own unique features to ensure something for everyone because after all, everyone needs a knife. For more information on these knives be sure to check out.

MitchLitch Company

Newly developed by Michlitch Company, the Brisket and Roast rub is excellent for grilling, pan-frying or roasting.  Rub the spice blend on both sides of a brisket, roast or steak before cooking. 

Buy retail online at Commercial bulk pricing is also available on these products. Call 509-624-1490 for pricing.

Pickett’s Mill Armory

Pickett’s Mill Armory provides high-quality yet affordable AR-15 components. They focus their efforts on producing American-made complete upper receivers in 5.56 NATO, .300 Blackout, .223 Wylde, 6.5 Grendel and more. Complete upper prices start at $199.99.

Pitbull Tactical

Made in the USA -The new second generation Universal Mag Carrier accepts any magazine from a 9mm single stack up to 45acp double stack. Built for concealment the Universal Mag Carrier can be comfortable worn inside or outside the waistband, rounds forward or backward. No screws or adjustments necessary. Ready to go out of the box – The Universal Mag Carrier will dynamically adjust to whatever magazine you put it in while maintaining a low profile.


PrOlix will get a new look for the holidays and a new easy-to-handle 16-ounce size with their three-way adjustable nozzle Pro Trigger Sprayer! PrOlix made no changes to their great formula, even with their gun-oil and grease replacer, Xtra-T Lube.

Range Box Sampler – Inspired by Team Steel Target Paint shooter, Heather Martin, this clear box provides a safe & dry environment to store ammunition or other range gear with confidence. 6 cans of Steel Target Paint, a Can-Gun, & a Plastic “Target Zone” Stencil are included inside the box.

The Original Dirty Harry® Shoulder Holster!!

RUFFIANO INTERNATIONAL™, an Authorized Distributor, is proud to offer you The Original Dirty Harry® Shoulder Holster!! From the original company & made for every gun in the World!! “Being the most comfortable I have ever tried for heavy guns”…by Elmer Keith–[father of the .44 Magnum cartridge] NOW GO SHOOT!!™ Visit our website or call us at 702.588.9583.

RTD Arms

The RTD RT-M .458 SOCOM is a lightweight heavy hitter, featuring all the same precision machined components that make RTD one of the most dependable family of firearms on the market today. Available in many custom configurations and colors to fit your needs. Whether for hog hunting, target, law enforcement or just big bore fun. RTD has you covered.

Seal 1

The Seal 1 Complete Tactical Gun Care Kit includes: 

  • Four-ounce container of their multi-purpose CLP Plus Gun Care Liquid ;
  • Seal 1 CLP Plus Pre-Saturated EZ-Cloth;
  • 12-inch by 12-inch square microfiber cloth;
  • Double-ended nylon utility brush; and
  • Two six-inch hardwood cotton swabs.

Skyline Toolworks LLC was developed to support Firearms Instructors.  Our program allows instructors to focus on training, rather than the time-consuming everyday requirements of running a business.  Additionally, ShootingClasses helps bring students to instructor’s classes by means of a simple search process. Students can find and review local instructors that teach classes ranging from basic concealed carry to high level advanced courses.

Skyline Toolworks LLC

The Woodman’s Pal is an iconic land management tool with a long, storied history dating back to 1941. Whether you are clearing brush, blazing trails and building blinds in the woods or trimming, digging and planting in your backyard garden, the Woodman’s Pal is a versatile tool for every outdoorsman.

Sierra Papa

Fans of the popular CX4 Storm from Beretta looking to improve the performance of their carbine will be delighted to know that SierraPapa specializes in upgrade replacement parts for this particular piece. Available upgrades include a machined aluminum trigger housing, stainless steel hammer/aluminum trigger/spring kit, and steel guide rod kits. Smoother operation, improved reliability, and a heightened level of enjoyment on the range. Let SierraPapa take your CX4 Storm to the next level.

Tap Rack Holsters

Tap Rack Holsters’ inside-the-waistband holster offers function and form with safety and comfort as two principals in their line of handmade holsters.

At Tap Rack Holsters, they;

  • Mold to your specification of firearm for a correct fit. No buckets here. 
  • Offer adjustable retention so the draw of your firearm is what you desire. 
  • Offer a 550 corded loop for securing to a belt or belt loop, preventing a failed unholstering of your firearm
  • Offer semi-closed bottom, which can be left open for threaded barrels on request.
  • Offer different body shield heights in low, medium and high upon request.
  • Ofer non-binding smooth edges with no sharp points in their designs for comfort. 
  • Use .08 Kydex at a minimum with some builds requiring .093-thick Kydex. Different colors and patterns available upon request.

Tippmann Armory

Just in time for the 2019 hunting season, the Tippmann Rolling Block comes in .357 Mag, .44 Mag and .45-70. Whether you’re an experienced hunter or training the youngsters, the Tippmann Rolling Block is sure to provide some awesome memories on opening morning. Give them a call at 1-800-671-1498.


Optic Mount for the M1 Garand Rifle.  UltiMAK has been know as an AK accessories company, but they’ve also come out with the world’s most practical optic mount for the famous M1 Garand.  It sits low enough to co witness iron sights, and to allow a perfect cheekweld.  Perfect stability!

V-Line Ind.

V-Line Ind. introduces the “Brute” quick-access security case. The Brute is the perfect solution for keeping handguns and valuables safe and out of reach of the wrong hands. It is constructed of rugged 10-gauge steel with an overlapping lid, making it virtually pry-proof when bolted down to a solid surface. The Brute is nicely finished in a durable tactical black powder coating.

Features include heavy-duty 10-gauge all-steel construction; sleek custom anti-pry clamshell design; heavy 12-gauge handle with anti-pry lock protection; over-sized solid steel lock block and dead bolt; break-free 360-degree rotation clutch knob; reliable quick access mechanical push button lock; and more.

The Brute measures 12.5 by 9.5 by 3.6 inches, weighs 21 pounds, and is California DOJ approved.


Introducing the new TR M-lok Handguard from White Oak Armament. The handguard is available in 12.6-inch and 14.6-inch lengths, octagonal with full-length top picatinny rail, M-lok sides and bottom.

Two key goals in designing the rail were: 1) to ensure a stable, free-float handguard with minimal flex when pressure is applied, and 2) to make a rail that will work with virtually any gas block. White Oak Armament accomplished the first goal by making a longer barrel nut and increasing the space between the clamping screws. 

The key to eliminating the gas block issue was simply the length of the tube. White Oak Armament’s lengths of 12.6 inches and 14.6 inches are designed to stop just at the rear of the gas block. This will allow you to use an adjustable gas block and have clear access to the adjustment mechanism, or use a larger gas block that may not fit under the handguard and still have a sleek look.