• Springfield Armory’s 1911 DS Prodigy
    The Prodigy is a sturdy gun based off the M1911A1 platform, Except it’s 9mm, with a double-stack magazine with one in the chamber 17+1.
  • The Glock47 Review
    Glock47 – nothing new and fancy, just Improved, Glocks are also Boringly Reliable, Accurate and Consistent.
  • Sig P938 Review
    Sig P938 Micro 9mm has been around and comparable to the popular Glock43 and can hold its own weight when Running it at the Gun Range.
  • Why Sig P220 is better than 1911
    Forget “Glock vs. 1911.” It’s time to compare apples to Badass apples with the REAL argument: which is better, the 1911 or the Sig Sauer P220?
  • Revolvers: Perfect or Out-Dated for Personal Defense?
    Some Gun Enthusiasts believe Revolvers should be the go-to firearm for the average Joe who wants something for personal protection and semi-autos are best reserved for the more dedicated shooter.
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