• Why Sig P220 is better than 1911
    Forget “Glock vs. 1911.” It’s time to compare apples to Badass apples with the REAL argument: which is better, the 1911 or the Sig Sauer P220?
  • Revolvers: Perfect or Out-Dated for Personal Defense?
    Some Gun Enthusiasts believe Revolvers should be the go-to firearm for the average Joe who wants something for personal protection and semi-autos are best reserved for the more dedicated shooter.
  • 357 Magnum vs 45 ACP
    357 Magnum vs. .45 ACP penetration matchup, which ammo for SHTF? Watch and let the results demonstrate the merits of each caliber choice.
  • Top 5 Concealed Carry Guns for Seniors
    Here are things to consider when choosing a handgun for concealed carry for seniors: easy trigger pull, grip ergonomic, recoil and operation.
  • Best 1911 for the Money [2022]
    This 1911 Pistol List highlights some of the Best out in the Market for the Gun Enthusiasts, Competitive Shooter and the LE Community.
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