Bulletproof Clothing

How far would you go to prove a tank-top is bulletproof?
Even putting your spouse in harms way?

Well, this man Miguel Caballero from South America is proving the effectiveness of his bulletproof clothing line by shooting his wife.
This Colombian couple makes high-end bulletproof clothing and tactical gear that seems to be under the radar to the general public.
From bulletproof vests, leather jackets and bulletproof backpacks to even tank tops, this lightweight Kevlar armor is quite popular these days.
Civilians and law enforcement alike are buying up ballistic protection like never before.
Miguel Caballero is well-known for his bulletproof fashion in Columbia.
How do you test your product? Well, in this case, his willing wife is just letting him take aim!

With this high-end protective clothing there’s nothing that can go wrong, right?
Pretty risky, a small mistake and it’s game over.
You better understand each armor’s protection level, as a hot .357 Magnum or .44 Magnum would still put a hurting on you.
Ballistic protection has come a long way with better National Institute of Justice standards and lighter-weight materials.

We get it its to get more business and an eye opener.
Just seem a bad idea to test out a body armor while someone else is actually wearing it? You can just imagine the bruising that would occur after such a test. Please don’t try this at home!