Directory Listings

Directory Listings


AMMO Incorporated
AMMO INCORPORATED™ is a technology leader and premier American ammunitions manufacturer and marketer of performance-driven, high-quality and innovative ammunition products. Every round is meticulously inspected by US Citizens. Our ammunition performs like high-end, custom, hand-loaded ammunition, but is sold at competitive prices. Every load is developed for a specific purpose with a focus on consistency, accuracy, and in some cases, even felt recoil.

Black Hills Ammunition
(605) 348-5150;
US Military Ammunition is one of our highest priorities, and one of our best customers. The repeat business is based on reliable quality that our veteran employees consistently build into each and every round. Commercial Ammunition categories are Black Hills Gold, Cowboy Action, New Rifle, New Pistol, and Factory Remanufactured.

G2 Research
G2 Research manufactures an ever expanding line of self defense and tactical ammunition. G2 Research utilizes solid copper projectiles, precision machined in our facility in Winder GA. Designed for maximum performance and innovation, G2 Research ammunition brands include R.I.P., Telos, Rip Out Fracturing, Rip Out Trident and the G2 Research Civic Duty.

Matt’s Bullets
We have over 120 lead bullets in many calibers from very light to very heavy and everything in between including many unusual designs such as hollowbase. We also have a good selection of 500 S&W ammunition as well as other things such as 38 Webley ammo and 45 Colt hollowbase ammo.

Underwood Ammo
We manufacture our precision ammunition with absolute care during the loading process to assure consistent quality. Each round is individually sight inspected before being packaged. We strive to provide you with the finest ammunition available. Produced with the utmost care and pride to deliver a product you can be confident in.

Zero Bullet Company, Inc.
Reliable, accurate and affordable bullets and ammunition. Available in jacketed or lead bullets, and loaded ammunition in new or reloads. We make most handgun calibers in a wide range of weights and designs. Unconditionally guaranteed.


Shark Tooth Charters
907 351-8853
Silver Salmon Charters out in Scenic Valdez, Alaska, July 15 til Labor Day.
The thrill of a lifetime is waiting for you! Experience the intensity of catching a Silver Salmon, a Halibut or possibly a Shark. We’re here to help you experience something special!


ADCO Arms Co., Inc.
781-935-1799, 800-775-3687;
34A Holton Street, Woburn, MA 01801
ADCO has been a supplier of firearms and accessories with many years experience. We are most notably suppliers of the Super Thumb ™ magazine loading tools and have pioneered red-dot reflex sights as well as the new versions of Red/Green dot reflex sight for target and hunting purposes.

Advantage Tactical Sight
The Advantage Tactical Pyramid Sight is our original sight concept. It features a steel rear sight base, a steel front sight base, 5 differently colored rear sight inserts and five differently colored front sights. In addition to each sight package having all ten colors, one may upgrade the front sights to our two glowing Firefly front sights — coral and lemon-lime. Both will glow for several hours when charged and will never lose the ability to hold a charge. With the ATPS, do not cover up any portion of the target; simply create a pyramid and place the tip-top of the pyramid where bullet impact is to occur. The ATPS is a completely customizable to the vision preferences of each shooter and is also windage and elevation adjustable.
    The Advantage Tactical Dark Diamond Sight is the only iron sight where an illuminated front sight alone, in subdued light, and without the ability to see the rear sight, is capable of making an accurate shot at combat distances. Of a different design than our ATPS Fireflies, the ATDDS is the most capable frontsight oriented handgun sight in the industry, whether in daylight or darkened situations. See adiamond in daylight or darkness and make your shot. The ATDDS rear sight obscures portions of the front sight to create a diamond sight picture, whether in daylight or subdued light. The ATDDS features an all steel rear sight base, steel front sight base, and our unique glowing Dark Diamond Firefly front sights. The ATDDS coral and yellow Firefly colors are standard with each sight set. We also have an aqua and lime-green upgrade, for those who desire more front sight color options. In addition, for those with yet to be designated Dark Diamond front sight colors, we have extra front and rear sight Dark Diamond bases, at a reduced price.

Alpha One Outdoors
(970) 640-2799; (970) 270-4998
Unique and high quality custom slides and triggers. Alpha One offers standard and cnc milled slides and upgraded performance triggers.

American Derringer Corporation
The legendary Simmerling by American Derringer is, without question, one of the smallest .45ACPs ever made. This incredible vest pocket pistol carries a 5-shot capacity, with the first round chambered and ready for on-the-spot use as it would in a revolver or traditional .45Auto. Weighing in at a svelte 24 ounces, the LM4 measures only 5.2” by 3.7”, with an easy-to-conceal thickness of only one inch. Made by hand one unit at a time, the LM4 will be produced only in limited quantities. Order one today before they up and disappear!

The Best of the West Productions, LLC
Best of the West Productions, LLC, producer of the award-winning television series “The Best of the West,” has pioneered long range hunting. Today, BOTW continues to ethically push the boundaries of the long range shooting industry with technological innovations and improved techniques offered all together in our turnkey shooting systems fitted with our own Huskemaw Optics, the only scope line built around the “TrueBC” concept using patented Windage Compensating Technology and Hunt Smart Reticle.

CDNN Sports
CDNN Sports has been the best kept secret in the firearms industry for over 33 years. We specialize in closeouts and liquidations but always pass on those great savings to our customers. If you want to save money on firearms, accessories and ammunition then CDNN Sports needs to always be your first stop. Don’t forget to sign up for our email specials and be one of the first to see our newest deals! America’s largest firearm liquidator.

DIP, Inc.
Order Desk 208-660-9974;
Modern Rimfire Parts Specialists We specialize in replacing original plastic parts with CNC metal parts. Our products are proudly made in the USA, with USA-made raw materials by highly qualified machinists and shooters.

Elftmann Tactical
Elftmann Tactical is a firearms accessories innovator. We are best known for AR Platform triggers utilizing needle bearings. Additional AR accessories manufactured by Elftmann include the only push-type, ambidextrous AR safety, anti-walk pins that can be installed and removed with no tools and an all metal AR platform Ultralight stock that weighs just 5.2 oz. Bolt gun Triggers include the ELF 700 and ELF Savage 110, with the new VR80 Shotgun trigger rounding out the line.

Elite Iron
Elite Iron has been a premier designer and manufacturer of professional grade firearms equipment and accessories for 17 years. We are especially well known for our professional grade sound suppressors that are designed to provide enhanced accuracy and superior sound reduction for calibers ranging from .17 HMR through .50 BMG, which includes all favorite hunting calibers and wildcat cartridges. In addition, the Elite Iron patented REVOLUTION BIPOD has been acknowledged as a revolution itself by elite marksman, hunters, shooters, dealers and the media within the firearms industry. Nestled in the beautiful Potomac Valley between the rugged mountains of western Montana, Elite Iron is located where residents live and visitors go to shoot and hunt. The Elite Iron owners and staff members are highly experienced shooters and hunters themselves and have extensive knowledge of ballistics, metallurgy, and manufacturing techniques for weapons applications. All are also well known for outstanding personal service and interacting directly with customers to provide advice while making sure each customer’s specific needs and questions are addressed and answered. All of our products are designed and produced to a “higher caliber” adhering to the highest quality standards with meticulous attention paid to detail in all phases of manufacturing to assure on-target results. allows you to buy from a huge selection of firearms and accessories from the industry’s top manufacturers. Handguns, shotgun, rifles and optics, you name it, has it. The Davidson’s GuaranteeD® Lifetime Replacement Warranty backs all of the new firearms you buy through

Gary Reeder Custom Guns
Reeder Custom Guns has been building full custom guns since 1978. With almost 70 different series of full custom handguns, rifles and single shot pistols, we offer something for every one. We are a fully licensed manufacturer.

Hollands Shooters Supply
Manufacturing the finest long-ange shooting products. Patented reticle technology, incredible muzzle brakes, shooting sticks, reloading gear, fiberglass stocks, Worlds Best fire starter, and custom rifles that are unequaled in the industry. FAST FRIENDLY SERVICE.

(877) 542-5339;
KICK-EEZ® sells a wide selection of recoil pads for your rifles and shotguns as well as shooting supplies made of solid Sorbothane®, the ultimate material for cushioning shock and reducing recoil. From shoulder to fingers, KICK-EEZ® has something to help reduce flinching and ease soreness as well as help adjust your “line of sight.”

Lumen Defense LLC
Lumen Defense products aims to provide the highest quality photonics products backed by the best customer service in the industry. Our comprehensive product selection now features LUMAGRIP, a grip integrated laser targeting system for the 1911 series of handguns, FLIR thermal Imaging scopes and military grade night vision. Our unique advantage in the phonetics technology marketplace is our ability to offer competitive prices while providing custom-tailored solutions. We are experienced in and welcome inquiries from all industries, including Military, Law enforcement, target shooters, concealed carry, hunting, tactical and wildlife control.

Luth-AR LLC features Modular Buttstock Assemblies (MBA), a full and expanding line of parts, and innovative accessories for your AR rifle. The MBA’s feature adjustable length-of-pull and cheek rise that are strong and light weight! We offer Industry Mil-Spec AR Parts and Accessories for your AR build. All made in America!

MKS Supply Inc.
At Hi-Point® Firearms, there is nothing more important to us than making sure you are proud of the firearm you carry. From part to finished product, we run our business the way we run our homes-with care and commitment. Our only goal is to give you what you want in a gun, with a price tag you can’t resist. From start to finish, we want to make good on that word.

October Country Muzzleloading
October Country Muzzleloading started with a hunting bag made back in 1977. Today in North Idaho, we manufacturer a full line of black powder product for the Muzzleloading industry. Our products also include something for the cowboy action shooters and the black powder cartridge shooters. As a manufacturer, we provide products to the public at retail prices and to dealers at a wholesale price. for Steel Target Paint
Steel Target Paint is a huge supporter of Steel Challenge, USPSA, IPSC, IDPA, Precision Rifle, 3-Gun, Rimfire Challenge and everywhere steel targets are being used. Steel Target Paint has been formulated specifically for painting steel targets and is made in the USA by shooters for shooters. Steel Target Paint is superior in every way to “all-purpose” spray paint found in hardware stores due to its high resin content and high flow spray nozzle. “One shot covers the spot” so one spray can goes a long way! Sign up for the Auto Re-Order Program to get 5% off plus free shipping.

Rifle Basix
Rifle Basix has over 20 years of experience manufacturing high-quality replacement rifle triggers. Their triggers are made with CNC precision machining for strength and have been heat-treated to withstand wear. Each trigger is designed for easy do-it-yourself installation and includes all the parts and instructions necessary to replace a rifle trigger. The most popular rifles Rifle Basix supplies triggers for include the Remington Model 700, Winchester Model 70, and Savage Arms Model 110. Their core aftermarket trigger brands include Remington, Savage Arms, Winchester, and Ruger.

Stocky’s Rifle Stocks
At Stocky’s, our mission is to promote, enhance, and expand the enjoyment of the art and science of accessorizing modern rifles. Our focus is not only on the experienced shooter, but also on keeping it simple enough for the average shooter with a normal amount of experience in the field.

(717) 227-9060;
10598 2nd Amendment Dr., Glen Rock, PA 17327
Whether rimfire, centerfire or rifle caliber; TiON, all titanium suppressors deliver on sound reduction. Lightweight, durable and completely serviceable, TiON’s Quick Detach (QD) titanium mounts lighten the end of your rifle and provide consistent group shot repeatability. See for online catalog with patent details and product specifications.

UltiMAK, Inc.
Optic (scope) mounting solutions for AK-47 and variants, M1 Garand, M14/M1A, Mini-14, Mini-30 and M1 30 Carbine. Proven, rock solid mounting platforms which are designed for user installation, stable retention of zero, ease of take-down and reassembly of the rifle, without removing the mount or interfering with the receiver mechanism.

Volquartsen Firearms
712-792-4238; Carroll, Iowa
Volquartsen Firearms engineers the world’s finest rimfire rifles, pistols, and parts. Manufactured and precision-built from start to finish, exclusively at their facilities in Carroll, Iowa. The full line of Volquartsen products have become some of the most sought after in the industry. Trusted by competition shooters, plinkers, hunters, and everyone in between. Made in America since 1974.

White Oak Armament
White Oak Armament was created by John Holliger for the purpose of offering the accuracy-minded shooter, gunsmith or home builder the same hand-picked high-quality parts that John uses to build White Oak Precision upper receivers. White Oak Precision upper receiver assemblies have been used to win many State, Regional and National titles in high power rifle competition. White Oak Armament offers those same quality parts at reasonable prices.
     We also have top quality lower parts or kits and complete production grade uppers that are built with only the very best components. We pride ourselves on providing serious shooters with the quality parts and workmanship of a custom gunsmith, without the custom price. All of our parts are individually inspected to ensure that our customers get only the highest quality available in the market today. We guarantee 100% satisfaction on all the parts we sell.

Zermatt Arms, Inc (Bighorn Arms)
Zermatt Arms is a manufacturer of precision bolt actions following the R700 footprint incorporating popular features like a floating and interchangeable bolt head, controlled round feed, mechanical ejector and more.


Michlitch – Spokane Spice Company
130 N Stone St, Spokane, WA 99202


American Track Truck
Rubber Track conversion systems for off-road transportation in
snow, ice, wetlands, mud, and other challenging terrain.
Simple bolt-on installation in minutes!

Bobbie Weiner’s Camouflage Face Paint
305-893-5650; info@bobbieweiner.comBobbie Weiner has manufactured and provided Camo Face Paint to all branches of the U.S. military and hunting industry for 22-plus years.
This past winter, Bobbie was asked by the military to create a new face paint kit. It is now available to all end users and distributors. The new three-color compact face paint wheel includes black, loam and olive green. There is also an unbreakable mirror included in the inside of the compact. Private labeling is available. Bobbie manufactures three-color, four-color and five-color compacts that all come with unbreakable mirrors. She also makes tubes filled with her camo face paint in Acu, Woodland and Scorpion colors.
Her makeup is made of the highest quality. It is odorless, non-glare, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, washes off with soap and water, and has a four-year shelf life. Each compact will last for 20-plus applications. All makeup is manufactured and packaged in the USA.

Oomingmak Musk Ox Producers’ Co-operative
(888) 360-9665
Oomingmak is the Alaskan co-operative that has brought exquisite Qiviut items to you as a unique northern gift since 1969. It is owned by approximately 250 Native Alaskan women from remote coastal villages of Alaska who knit each item by hand. Each village has a signature pattern derived from traditional aspects of village life and the Eskimo culture; they may come from an ancient artifact or a beadwork design.
Qiviut (pronounced “kiv-ee-ute”), the downy-soft underwool from the Arctic musk ox, is shed naturally each year during the spring months. Eight times warmer than wool and extraordinarily lightweight, Qiviut is one of the finest natural fibers known to man.
All of our items are 100% Qiviut and in the natural color. The caps and scarves made by the knitters are as comfortable to wear on cool days in a warm climate as they are in chilly weather. Unlike wool, Qiviut is not scratchy and will not shrink in any temperature of water. It can be hand-washed in any mild detergent and will last for many years.

Pocket Ox
Build it Right! Build it Once! Build it Here! Small and light enough that you will actually carry it. They may cost as much as your favorite boots. But when dragging a moose out of the beaver muck or putting your ATV back on its feet. They’re worth every dime. for Steel Target Paint
Steel Target Paint is a huge supporter of Steel Challenge, USPSA, IPSC, IDPA, Precision Rifle, 3-Gun, Rimfire Challenge and everywhere steel targets are being used. Steel Target Paint has been formulated specifically for painting steel targets and is made in the USA by shooters for shooters. Steel Target Paint is superior in every way to “all-purpose” spray paint found in hardware stores due to its high resin content and high flow spray nozzle. “One shot covers the spot” so one spray can goes a long way! Sign up for the Auto Re-Order Program to get 5% off plus free shipping.

Robertson Enterprises
307-587-2925; 307-272-5560;
P.O. 1711, Cody, WY 82414
Robertson Enterprises has been building camp equipment for 40 years. We are the home of the Dandy Saw, RE camp stoves, RE kitchen and storage panniers, RE mobile camp kitchen and more. We specialize in Bear resistant containers for hunters, campers, Forest Service, BLM and others.


IOSSO Products
1485 Lively Blvd., Elk Grove, IL 60007
Remove all Gun Fouling in 15 Minutes or less…
So quick and effective, you will never go back to smelly, messy solvents. The system consists of the Iosso Bore Cleaner, the Iosso Premium Bore Brush, and the Iosso Triple Action Oil. The combination of these products will remove the nasty carbon burn, copper, lead, plastic wad and all other fouling associated with shooting. It’s great for people with allergies or intolerance to chemicals. The Bio-Based formulas are made from plant extracts. While keeping our environment healthy, it is also safer for the user, in that it is odorless. The blue brush is a trademark of Iosso, which stands for a quality product made in the USA.

Ogre Manufacturing
Gun care, gun cleaning, gun supplies.

PrOlix® Lubricants
PrOlix® is a greatly improved CLP, with a Citrus based cleaner w/Lube suspended in its formula. “Goes on wet, cleans, bonds, turns Dry to the touch!” It is also Biodegradable and Earth Friendly. Lab developed and tested by Law Enforcement, Military,& Shooter over many years. PrOlix® is also used in Commercial/Industrial applications, won’t wipe off, burn off, Build up, or stain clothing for our CCW team members! Rated the safest product and first to be listed on the USDA’s Bio-Preferred Products Website in 2012. PrOlix® will start 33rd Anniversary year soon, so look for an Announcement!

SEAL1 manufactures high end, bio-based, green engineered gun care products made in the USA. SEAL1 products clean, lubricate and protect in one easy step for both your archery and firearm needs!


Real Texas Gun Show
The Real Texas Gun Show endeavors to produce the best gun show in the State of Texas. we hold the non gun/knife/outdoor products to 5% of total tables per show. Our belief is it is a gun and knife show not a gun/knife/flea market. We host a gun show that is family safe and family oriented. The majority of our vendors have their own shops back at home so you will find a very wide spectrum of guns, knives, and related products. We are not the biggest but we try to be the best.


Alien Gear Holsters
(209) 215-2046;
As the leader in concealed carry, Alien Gear Holsters offers a premium selection of comfortable, concealable gun holsters. Award-winning products include the versatile ShapeShift Modular Holster System, neoprene-padded IWB holsters, and customizable magazine carriers. Every American-made holster is covered by a Forever Warranty and 30-Day Test Drive.

Covert Carrier
The Covert Carrier allows a user to carry a small framed semi-automatic pistol, inside the waistband (IWB), without a traditional Holster, Case or Pouch. The product line is ideal for deep cover or general concealed carry. Use of the device results in “Total Handgun Concealment!”

Dara Holsters & Gear, Inc.
(919) 295-5559;
We manufacture premium Custom Holsters for Concealed Carry, Competition and Law Enforcement.

Gearcraft Holsters
Gearcraft is a manufacturer of premium weapons carry solutions for concealment, Range and Duty use. All of our products are proudly made in the USA and carry a lifetime warranty.
Holsters, Knives and EDC gear as well as a growing list of new products and services offered in our retail location in Dahlonega Georgia. Our products can also be purchased from a network of Dealers across the USA as well.

Kirkpatrick Leather Company
(956) 723-6893, (956) 723-6631;
Kirkpatrick Leather Company has been manufacturing quality leather holsters since 1950, offering the best selection of western gunbelts in the market today.
     We’ve been changing designs and continuously improving our holsters to satisfy our many customers. Keep in mind that when you have chosen a Kirkpatrick holster you are getting over fifty years of experience in hand-crafting leather.
     We offer our personal guarantee: “the best quality leather, the right fit for your gun and a service second to none.”

Man Gear Alaska, LLC
(907) 414-4327;
Man Gear Alaska, LLC is a small family run partnership manufacturing denier chest holsters. Our holsters are designed to be rugged, and stitched with pride to last for years. All of our holsters are manufactured by hand right here in Alaska by Alaskans. The tactical look and practical utilization design of our holster is hard to beat.

Mernickle Custom Holsters
(800) 497-3166, 800-665-0656;
13043 County Rd C, Pampa TX 79065
Mernickle Holsters has been hand crafting fine leather holsters for over 40 years. We will meet your needs, whether novice or world champion. Mernickle Holsters offers cowboy action, concealed carry, cowboy fast draw holsters and so much more, all made right here in the USA.

Sticky Holsters
We provide a comfortable and easy way to carry a Pistol, Magazine, and other everyday carry items on your person. Our Holsters don’t have clips or loops and they are all ambidextrous giving the user multiple option to carry. We have a lifetime craftmanship warranty on our materials and everything is Made in The USA.

Tap Rack Holsters
Tap Rack Holsters is a leading provider of premium, American-made firearm holsters. In business for over 10 years all of us here at Tap Rack take pride in handcrafting premium holsters for those on the front line in military, law enforcement and private citizens all over the world.
    Our principles are simple. We aim to provide premium quality products our customers can rely on at reasonable prices.
Safety, function and form are the three principals we integrate into our line of holsters. We listen to what our customers say about designs and features so we take your input seriously as in some cases it helps shape the Tap Rack product.
    At Tap Rack we know whether you are shooting a match, are a licensed CCW holder, Law Enforcement or serving in the military that the product we build must perform each and every time no matter the task.
    We are passionate about our work, industry and our great country the good ole USA.

Triple K
Triple K Manufacturing is a worldwide leader in supplying holster and shooting accessories to the sportsman and law enforcement community. In addition, we offer the most diverse of handgun, rifle and shotgun magazines in the world. Since 1946, our San Diego, CA based facility produces magazines, grips, buttplates, and additional hardware for over 1100 models of firearms. Our team of 62 Craftsmen provide “Made in America” quality and value second to none.


Arrow Ridge Ranch
Arrow Ridge Ranch is located in beautiful and scenic central Wisconsin. We are within 90 minutes of several major airports and we provide pick up and drop off to and from these airports at no charge. Over 700 acres of terrain here ranges from rolling hills and ridges covered with tall pines and oaks, to grassy fields and lush food plots. There are several water sources throughout the property. Hunting methods range from spot and stalk, to comfortable double ladder stands, to spacious insulated and heated box blinds. No matter what your preferred style, you will see plenty of trophy class animals. The preserve is set up as a free ranging environment. Where you see Bucks, you will see does, Bulls, and cows, young and fully mature. All the breeding that occurs, happens naturally. Come Hunt with us.

Linc Raahauge’s Hunting Club
We are a pheasant, chukar and sporting clays club. We take reservations for hunting and sporting clay events. We are open 7 days a week 8am to 4pm. Our prices: 3 pheasants for $92.00 and 8 chukar for $154.00. We have special prices for our day hunt bird packages. We have pheasant and chukar cards at reasonable prices. Bird cleaning is available too.
Our Sporting Clay course has 17 stations and we have a 5-Stand course.
We have many NSCA registered events as well as corporate shoots.

Wonderduck Decoys
Wonderduck produces the ideal motion decoy for duck hunters. With over 350 options and a wide variety of species including Mallards, Teal, Redhead, Bluebill, Pintail, Gadwall, Canvasback, Woodduck, Coot, Specklebelly and Canada Goose. Also customizes and repair all Wonderduck decoys no matter the condition.

Waterfowl Junkie 


Exquisite Knives
760-945-7177, 760-310-4078;
Exquisite Knives offers the finest in Custom Knives. Dave Ellis, Master Bladesmith, has spent a good part of his life collecting and providing collectors Worldwide with the kind of custom pieces most only dream of! Bob Loveless, Bill Moran, Ron Lake are just a few of the Knifemakers featured on

Ontario Knife Company
Founded in 1889, Ontario Knife Company® has been making cutlery and tools in Upstate New York for 130 years. OKC has been a major supplier to the US Military since WWII and continues that tradition with over 50 active NSNs. The Knife You Need When You Need a Knife®


Alaska’s Anvik River Lodge
(866) 885-0020;
3401 Richmond Ave, Anchorage, AK 9950
Alaska’s most remote full service fishing lodge. Trip packages are all-inclusive from Anchorage. Freshwater fly and spin fishing for salmon, char, pike and grayling. We have the whole Anvik River to ourselves. Extreme comfort in the extreme wilderness of western Alaska. Now booking for 2017 and 2018.

Benny’s Colville Inn
(509) 684-2517
915 S Main St, Colville, WA 99114
Experience the heart of Northeast Washington at Benny’s Colville Inn.  Nestled in a pristine valley between the Kettle and Selkirk mountain ranges, it offers comfort, quality and value all year ’round.
     We welcome you to Colville and extend an invitation to take advantage of Benny’s Colville Inn as your home away from home. Here are some of the benefits we have to offer:

    • 105 guest rooms, from economy to spacious suites
    • King suites with Jacuzzi and fireplace
    • Sixty foot indoor lap pool with spa
    • Complimentary breakfast bar
    • Over-sized vehicle and truck parking
    • Free use of Colville Fitness Center
    • Pets allowed

Reserve your room on Expedia today!


Coyote Rifleworks
Coyote Rifleworks is proud to have helped more than 9,000 people and counting become new NFA owners. Our mission is to get as many people involved as possible, making sure that your 2nd Amendment Right is protected, and that your collection is able to be passed down for generations to come.
Our NFA Trust is endorsed and used by manufacturers of silencers and short barreled firearms, by professional shooters, by hundreds of SOT dealers across every state, and by thousands of people just like you who want to own NFA items.
The document you receive was designed by a highly experienced attorney with decades of experience in estate planning and firearm ownership.


Athlon Optics
ATHLON is a proud US sports optics product company devoted to designing and delivering superior quality optics products and outdoor accessories at a competitive price to our consumers via our distribution and retail channels. Athlon has strong engineering design capability, strategic alliances with quality manufacturers and a streamlined fully integrated supply chain.


Clearview RV
(800) 289-7870
We have a “Clear View” of your RV needs, at Clearview RV. Clearview RV is a full service dealership located in Snohomish, WA on Highway 9 between Snohomish and Woodinville. We carry a large selection of toy hauler, travel trailer, and truck camper by some of the industries top manufacturers including Coachmen, Adrenaline, and Lance. Our non pressure sales staff are friendly and knowledgeable and pride themselves on honesty and integrity.

Clippership Motorhome Rentals
(907) 562-7051
5401 Old Seward Hwy, Anchorage, AK 99518


Dayton Machine Shop
The Vickerman Die offers the hand loader a die that will consistently seat bullets with little to no run-out (.001″ or less) to improve the accuracy of each load. The Vickerman is very fast and easy to use. If your desire is accuracy, consider the Vickerman inline bullet seating die.


Liberty Safes & Security Products
Liberty Safe is America’s #1 producer of heavy duty home safes, gun safes, fire safes and commercial safes! Join the more than TWO MILLION HOMEOWNERS who have found the peace of mind that comes from owning a Liberty Safe.

At V-Line Industries we are proud of the quality of our products. Our mechanical locks allow quick & easy access without batteries or keys. We offer a variety of sizes and styles that will fit your needs at affordable prices. See why the professionals choose V-Line “When Safety and Quality Counts”!


Tion Inc.
Whether rimfire, centerfire or rifle caliber; TiON suppressors deliver on sound reduction with light weight, durable and completely serviceable designs. TiON’s Quick Detach (QD) titanium mounts further lighten the end of your rifle and produce consistent group shot repeatability (when removed and then reattached) with TiON’s QD system.

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