• The Tactical Hunter

    The Tactical Hunter

    Long-range shooting is all the rage, but it will never replace Old-Fashioned Fieldcraft for Stalking Big Game. Here’s one Hunter’s Tricks.

  • So you Want to Hunt Big Game?

    So you Want to Hunt Big Game?

    Big Game Spot-n-Stalk & Still Hunting – Both are Productive and Optimize a Hunter’s level of engagement with the land and animals.

  • Three Seconds Rule Cliche?

    Three Seconds Rule Cliche?

    The Three Second is a rule of thumb that gives you a Gauge to work on Increasing your Gun Fighting Skill for standard size Pistol to Pocket size.

  • Time to Thin the Pack

    Time to Thin the Pack

    Given their game-, livestock- and pet-killing ways, booming numbers, spring’s prime time to hunt coyotes.