American Built Arms Company Launches the A*B Arms M-LOK Polymer Picatinny Rails

Glen Rock, PA (August 4, 2021) – American Built Arms Company
(AB Arms brand) is proud to introduce their newest product; the AB Arms M-LOK Polymer Picatinny Rails.
The AB Arms M-LOK Polymer Picatinny Rails are designed and engineered for military, law enforcement, and firearms enthusiasts. Compact and lightweight, the AB Arms M-LOK
Polymer Picatinny Rails come in a three (3) rail combo pack,
along with the individual four (4), five (5) and seven (7) slot
configurations. All rail packs include the appropriate M-LOK

  • Designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. by a Veteran-Owned company
  • Proprietary formula of heat stabilized nylon reinforced with high strength fibers
  • Comes with M-LOK manganese phosphate coated T-Nuts and 10 x 24 – ½ inch flat top screws

“The AB Arms M-LOK Polymer Picatinny Rails were a logical evolution from our LTF Picatinny Rails as the M-LOK standard has become the industry standard,” said Jason Combs, President and Founder of American Built Arms Company. He added, “at AB Arms, we believe that buying Made in the USA
products don’t have to be expensive.”

M-LOK hardware is also available individually at or in bulk
quantities for OEM customers. Contact American Built Arms Company at for more details.
About American Built Arms Company:
Headquartered in Glen Rock, Pennsylvania, in an area with a long tradition of
manufacturing excellence and craftsmanship, American Built Arms Company (AB Arms) was founded in 2010 on the principles of Honor, Service and Integrity. AB Arms is a Veteran-
owned, Type 07/NFA FFL, privately held manufacturing company providing the defense industry,
security and law enforcement, sporting goods and firearms owners with American-made, quality
firearms products and accessories. Check out for more information.

Clean Drain Dry Initiative Releases National Report on Invasive Species

White Bear Lake, MN – Wildlife Forever is proud to release the 2020 Clean Drain Dry Initiative® annual accomplishment report. Through media outreach, communications marketing, and community engagement, the public awareness campaign has generated over 85 million impressions in 2020. Invasive species threaten fishing, boating, and outdoor recreation. Implementing consistent best practices empowers users to prevent the spread.

Ensuring biodiversity and the integrity of our public lands and waters is a national priority. Recreational users are the backbone to preventing the spread of invasives. They also play a critical role in demanding that state and federal agencies, including industry stakeholders, invest in education and tools to do the job,” said Pat Conzemius, President and CEO of Wildlife Forever.

2020 Highlights Include:
  • $1.1 million invested in invasive species prevention by pooling funds and coordinating cost-saving services. New Clean
  • Drain Dry public service announcement (PSA) targeted at recreationists using non-motorized watercraft reaching 23 million impressions.
  • Trash Unused Bait! Asian Carp prevention campaign reaching 5.5 million impressions.
  • Hunting/Fishing magazines and State Regulation book print media campaign generating 9.5 million impressions.
Targeted marketing and consistent messaging are key elements ensuring Clean Drain Dry communications are relevant to stakeholders and recreational users. Wildlife Forever, government organizations, industry leaders, state agencies, and local groups collaborated to stop the spread of invasive species. Read the full 2020 Accomplishment Report here:

“The Clean Drain Dry Initiative network of partners grew again in 2020 despite the challenges we faced due to COVID. I want to thank each and every partner who dedicated their time and resources toward this effort,” said Dane Huinker, Conservation Program Manager. “With significant increases in outdoor recreation, together we engaged many first-time users and reached an even broader audience.”

Planning for the 2021 season is underway now. Please call Wildlife Forever for campaign services and information on available education and outreach resources. Since 2006, the Clean Drain Dry Initiative has invested over $13 million dollars to coordinate the national campaign to educate outdoor recreational users on how to prevent the spread of invasive species. Strategic communications, marketing, outreach and educational services provide access to consistent messaging and tailored AIS prevention planning. To learn about services, contact Dane Huinker: or visit

About Wildlife Forever: Our mission is to conserve America’s wildlife heritage through conservation education, preservation of habitat and management of fish and wildlife. Wildlife Forever is a 501c3 non-profit dedicated to investing resources on the ground. Recent audits reveal that 94% of every dollar supports our award-winning conservation programs. Please, Join Today and learn more about the Fish Art Contest®, Clean Drain Dry Initiative™ and Prairie City USA® at

Bulk Ammo In-Stock

Have we Got a Stock Tip for you

Stocky’s Gunstocks ‘Deliver What they are Intended to – Ergonomics and Accuracy.’

Photos by Stocky’s

Custom Remington 700 in Stocky’s EuroMatch Laminated Accublock.
Long Range Composite Accublock Thumbhole stock.
An avid big game hunter and competitive shooter, Don Bitz knows what he wants in a rifle. So in 2007, when he couldn’t find the right aftermarket stock for an upcoming hunt – and the suppliers he contacted quoted months for production – he took matters into his own hands. Bitz launched a retail website,, so that he and likeminded shooters would never run into this problem again. “I realized folks would appreciate the knowledge I had accumulated during a lifetime of DIY bedding, restocking, rebarreling and generally making rifles shoot to their potential,” explains Bitz. “So I picked my favorite manufacturers and started Stocky’s!”
The company quickly gained popularity, selling stocks in a variety of was the Long Range Composite (LRC) Accublock stock. The LRC is constructed from the stiest, most durable 40-percent fiberglass filled composite available and features the aluminum Accublock bedding block molded right into the stock. It is guaranteed to be durable, comfortable to shoot, easy to control and flexible enough to accommodate a wide range of barrels.
“Our focus is on oering the best, most accurate stocks in any given category,” says Bitz. “For example, in laminated wood it is the Accublock stocks. Same with injection-molded composite stocks. You’d be hard- pressed to find a more accurate stockmaterials and styles for hunting, tactical and competitive purposes. But Bitz didn’t stop there. “When the bottlenecks hit the gun industry in 2008, we started to design and manufacture our own products,” he explains. Their first product on the market at any price, yet the prices start at under $200.”

Stocky’s offers a wide range of rifle stocks for hunters, target shooters, competitive shooters and more.
The latest addition to the Stocky’s lineup is their carbon fiber stocks. Truly the next generation of carbon fiber layup, they are stronger, lighter and more precisely machined than ever before. “In my opinion, these are literally the finest stocks you can buy anywhere,” says Bitz. “In addition to the ever-popular vertical-grip VG2 and the M50, we are now introducing a new Sporter model weighing just over a pound!”
At Stocky’s, you’ll find unique products that suit your needs perfectly, with unbeatable customer service from experienced shooters. “Our stocks fit properly and deliver what they are intended to deliver – ergonomics and accuracy. They are designed for the task intended because we are dedicated users of this stu, not simply purveyors,” adds Bitz. “It sometimes shocks people that our salespeople are literally the most knowledgeable rifle-women on the planet when it comes to getting you the right stock the first time. When customers chat, email or phone, they are certain to get the right information before and after the sale.”

Editor’s note: For more information, visit

Black Hills Ammo Going Strong

With 30-plus years of success in government, consumer markets, ‘customers know they can count on our ammunition.’


Boy meets girl. Boy and girl share a love of shooting, hunting and all things gun. Boy and girl take this enthusiasm and run with it, helping to launch – and eventually run – a successful ammunition company. Not your typical love story, that’s for sure. But that’s what makes Jeff and Kristi Hoffman’s story so great. We’ll let Jeff Hoffman take it from here …

Black Hills’ HoneyBadger line of fluted solid copper projectile ammunition, available in .45 ACP and 9mm among others, is very popular.
I GREW UP hunting, shooting and reloading. My father and grandfather taught me to shoot and I fell in love with it. I had my first rifle at around age 7, and my first pistol at 12. I spent my youth toting a Winchester Model 74 .22 rifle all over the area around Fort Pierre, South Dakota, as I grew up. My grandfather had a carton of .22 shells on his gun cabinet. His rule was I could have as much as I wanted, but I needed to leave 75 cents for every 50-round box of CCI Mini-Mags I took, so that he could buy a new box when that one ran dry. The system worked well.

In high school I met Kristi. Now my expenses were ammo, plus gas for my pickup truck to pick her up at her dad’s farm. I didn’t have much money, so a common date was to show up with a full carton of .22s so we could shoot prairie dogs on her family farm. We later went to the same college. She studied accounting and I studied criminal justice. After college I was hired by the Rapid City Police Department. We moved here and in 1980 we were married.

Despite making the princely sum of $4.67 per hour, plus working a second job, in addition to wages from Kristi’s full-time job, things were pretty tight financially. I was on the department’s pistol team and was buying a case of ammo every paycheck from the department rangemaster, who reloaded ammunition as a way for him to help make ends meet. I was his best customer, buying reloads for $60 to $70 per case of 1,000 rounds. One day he asked if I thought he could make a living making ammunition full- time. I said no. He didn’t listen and started Black Hills Shooter’s Supply. He hired me immediately to help load ammunition. That was my third job, in addition to being a cop and working hotel security, all at the same time. As I loaded ammunition on a Dillon 1000, one of the three loaders the company owned, I realized I had been wrong. There was a considerable market for ammunition. I would ship the ammunition each night and no matter how much we loaded, it always went out just as fast. Kristi would come down in the evenings after working at her full-time job and load the primer tubes to start the next day’s production at Black Hills Shooter’s Supply, while I prepared ammunition to ship. She also saw the potential.

The 5.56mm 77-grain Sierra MatchKing is the commercial version of the MK262 that Black Hills produces for the government
THE COMPANY WAS growing and as is common with new companies, it needed additional cash. Tom, the owner, offered to let us buy a share of the company. I dismissed the thought, as I loved being a cop, and really didn’t have the confidence to jump into business. Kristi nudged a little, saying, “I wish you’d consider Tom’s offer.” I explained I knew nothing about business. She said, “You know a lot about guns, reloading and ammunition, and I know business. We need to do something because what we are doing now is not working.” She was right. Our weekly budget for food was $20. We ate a lot of macaroni and peanut butter. We ate beef only because her dad and mom had a farm and would bring us beef when they would butcher. I agreed to think about the business offer. After much contemplation, we decided to give it a try. We went to every bank in town, trying to get a loan. We needed $12,000 to buy in. We were so green that we did not really grasp the concept of collateral. We just knew it was a good idea and that we were good for it and the bank should loan us the money. We were politely shown the door with each attempt. Nobody would loan the money. I then asked my dad if he would loan us the money. He said no. He wouldn’t loan us the money, but he would co-sign for us. That was an even better deal because then we would have a bank loan to establish credit.

My dad at that time was a trucker. For collateral, he put up his truck. He mortgaged his truck so we could follow a crazy idea that we “knew” would work. The banker thought it was nuts, I could read it on him, but he had good collateral, the title to my dad’s truck. That was a great motivator for us. I had read that the Vikings would sometimes burn their ships when invading a country so that all their men knew there was no turning back. That was that moment for us, when we burned our ships. We could not fail. Failure would mean the banker got the truck. There were many times in the years after that that we should have failed but didn’t because we were too committed, too stubborn, and probably mostly because God looked down and saw that despite our weaknesses and mistakes, we were really trying, and gave us a hand at the moments when we really needed it.

Kristi and I left Black Hills Shooter’s Supply in 1988 and started Black Hills Ammunition Inc. In 1996, we won our first military contract, making ammunition for the Army Marksmanship Unit. Other military contracts followed and by 1999, we had marksmanship unit contracts for the Navy and Marines. In 1999, the Navy asked us to do development for operational ammunition. That became the very successful MK262. After that we developed quite a few other specialty rounds for the military. Development and production of military ammunition has grown to be our primary market, and we are proud to support our country’s warriors in defending our country and way of life.

The 77-grain MK262 produced for the Navy.
WE SPECIALIZE IN accuracy, quality and good service. We realized early on that trying to sell the cheapest ammunition was a tough way to make a living. There is always someone cheaper because they have a manufacturing advantage, or because they are on their way out of business and maybe don’t know it yet. Our market is folks who want or need the best, at a fair price. That is probably why we have been so successful with the military. They might buy on bid, but they have high standards. Lives depend on their choices. They are looking for the best value, which generally is not the same thing as the lowest price. Our 5.56 77-grain is the commercial version of the MK262 we produce for the government. Same performance, in a commercial box. It has been very popular. We sell probably more types of .223 and 5.56mm ammunition than anyone else. Similarly, our .308 match ammunition is very popular and 6.5 Creedmoor is really selling well. Our HoneyBadger line of fluted solid copper projectile ammunition is very popular. It provides performance equal or superior to the best hollow points but with better uniformity of performance and better barrier capability.

Our customers know they can count on our ammunition. We take great pain to make our ammo the best it can be. We are an “assembly” plant; that is, we do not make any of our own component parts. That means we are free to buy the best components from all sources and combine them into great ammunition. The best powders, cases, primers and projectiles. We have many industry friends who supply us great components. Despite some of them being “competitors” because they may also make ammunition, they are proud to be a part of our success. We take the best components, develop great loads with them, assemble them with care, and hand-inspect every round we produce. We ship dealer-direct; minimum order is one case. We pay all freight to 48 states and we guarantee customer satisfaction. At Black Hills Ammunition, we are big enough to make some of the best ammunition available anywhere, yet small enough to care about every customer. NS

Editor’s note: For more information, visit Also look out for about Black Hills Ammunition in our e-newsletter and on You can sign up for our e-newsletter on our website.

NEW Kershaw and Zero Tolerance Products Announced for 2021

18 new Kershaw models and three new ZT knives enter the 2021 production lineup

TUALATIN, OREGON—Kershaw and Zero Tolerance Knives deliver new products heading into 2021. On the premium end, three ZT models are all new — all made in the USA.
The 0990 is a revamped and streamlined version of the modern legend, the 0999. It features a revised design and amazing premium quality at a more affordable price. The 0762 is another handsome piece from ZT. It’s loaded with features, including a Sub-Frame Lock, the ZT Tuned Detent System (TDSTM) opening, and dazzling blue-anodized hardware.

Finally, the popular 0308 is getting a new variant. For the first time ever, ZT is introducing a black-oxide, BlackWashTM version of the classic tiger stripe blade coating. Its overall stealthy look brings a darker aesthetic to the 0308 series.
On the Kershaw side, several innovations are sure to excite fans. The feature-packed Endgame flips manually on KVT ball bearings and takes advantage of D2 tool steel. Bronze PVD coated steel handle overalays help this Kershaw stand out.
Because of the popularity of the original Static cleaver and Highball, Kershaw is introducing larger versions of these models. The Bracket cleaver and Highball XL feature different designs than their predecessors, but still enjoy Kershaw quality at a larger size. A new version of the Taskmaster Saw is also being unveiled.
Project ATOM is perhaps the most interesting and unexpected addition to the Kershaw lineup. The Inverse and Arise fixed blades kick off this new series. Only these blades don’t feature steel at all. Instead, the material is an extremely durable polymer blend, reinforced with glass fibers. They’re lightweight, easy to carry, and include a durable pointed tip for a wide variety of uses.

For another small, convenient option, Kershaw created the Kapsule, the brand’s first manual, out-the-front blade. Simply use the sliding button to easily access the blade, which locks into placewith the button. That’s just a brief overview of Kershaw and ZT’s 2021 lineup. To download photos, catalogs,product sheets, and 3D-exploded views, please visit the following media resources link.

Zero Tolerance Knives, makers of premium and professional knives, is a brand of Kai USA Ltd., the North American division of Kai Corporation Other Kai USA brands include Kershaw Knives, quality sporting and everyday carrying knives, and Shun Cutlery, fine kitchen knives and housewares. The company website is

Sauvie Island Duck Club

The Sauvie Island Duck Club (SIDC) is a private waterfowl hunting club established in 2000 on grounds leased from Eger’s Farm (approximately 300 acres). While Sauvie Island has a long tradition of both public and private hunting access, the SIDC is unique in its consistency and amount of harvested waterfowl throughout the entire season. The SIDC averages 2,000 ducks each season from its relatively small acreage.

In addition to the main waterfowl season, the SIDC also offers members and guests an opportunity to hunt the September and February Canada goose seasons. Please check current ODFW Game Bird Regulations for the latest information regarding these special seasons.

Special Note: The NW Goose Permit ID Testing is NOT required to participate in the September Canada goose season. Remember, the ODFW website is the definitive information resource at

Watch the video to see Sauvie Island Duck Club founder, Ron Spada, talk about the club.

Dickenson Arms Introduces New Single-Shot Ranger Series Shotguns

Full Single-Shot Family Includes Range of Adult, Youth & Survival Models, Features Like Ventilated Rib Barrels and Turkish Walnut/Synthetic Stock Options

Article by Ron Ballanti Photos from Dickenson Arms

Dickinson Arms has introduced a new-for-2020 family of single-shot shotguns that combines classic good looks, superior craftsmanship, excellent shooting performance and remarkable value. Dickinson’s new Ranger Series includes models designed for the shooting needs of adults and youth, as well as a short-barreled Survival model — at retail prices starting as low as $144 MSRP.

Dickenson Ranger Series Shotgun
“This is an excellent first shotgun for those getting into the sport, as well as for more experienced shooters looking to add something new and unique to their collections,” said Tim Bailey of Dickinson Arms. “In the Dickinson tradition, this new Ranger Series has a look and feel of quality, despite the fact that it is so affordable. It may be somebody’s first shotgun, but they will own it and treasure it for years to come, because it is built to last and it’s fun and easy to shoot,” added Bailey.

The standard Dickinson Ranger features a simple and reliable break open action for easy loading and operation, and comes with a 28-inch barrel in 12-GA. 20-GA., 28-GA. and .410 bore. The Ranger’s attractive Satin Silver receiver is complimented by a choice of available checked Turkish Walnut or rugged black synthetic stock. Both versions offer a rubber butt plate for comfortable shooting and a ventilated rib for better sighting and accuracy. The Dickinson Ranger comes with a fixed Modified choke for 12-, 20- and 28-GA. models, with a fixed Full choke on the .410 bore.

New Dickinson Ranger Series Shotguns

Younger shooters will love the Dickinson Ranger Youth Model available in 12-GA., 20-GA., and .410 bore with a 24-inch barrel. Designed to be easy to carry and handle, Dickinson’s Ranger Youth shotgun is a great way to bring new people into the sport. Available with a walnut stock and fore-end and boasting the same attractive Silver Satin receiver, this shotgun has an “Old West” appearance that will appeal to shooters young and old.

Dickinson will also offer a Ranger Survival Model with a rugged black synthetic stock and 18.5-inch barrel. This model will be offered in 12-GA. 20-GA. and .410 bore and will include a durable nylon carrying case with shoulder strap as standard equipment.

To learn more about the new Single Shot Ranger Series Shotguns from Dickinson Arms — or the company’s complete line of quality shotguns for hunting, sport shooting and tactical use — find the Dickinson Arms dealer nearest you. You can also reach Dickinson by calling (805) 978-8565 or visiting the company’s website at

New Firearms Guide 11th Edition

Impressum Media Inc., Los Angeles, CA – May 04.2020 – Firearms Guide, the largest gun guide, gun values guide and gun schematics library just published its 11th Edition that offers complete original antique and modern printable gun manuals.

“The New Firearms Guide 11th Edition provides over 15,000 printable antique and modern gun manuals, schematics and blueprints. It is the place to go if you are a gunsmith” says Chris Mijic, publisher of Firearms Guide. “If you cannot get a new gun for your personal protection during the Wuhan virus lockdown, then fix that old one you’ve got by using the original gun manual at Checking values of modern and antique guns with Firearms Guide is a plus too if you’re selling or buying any guns.”

Published since 2009 for shooting industry professionals and gun enthusiasts, with its new 11th Edition Firearms Guide is:
1. A Reference Guide that presents over 77,000 antique and modern firearms, air guns and ammunition from 1,300 manufacturers worldwide

• Presents models with Tech Specs, Hi-Res Color Pictures, Features, Ballistics and Prices!
• Search able reference guide with 14 search criteria – better results than Google
• Over 55,000 high-resolution color pictures of guns in resolution up to 4000 x 1492!

2. A Gun Value Guide that presents antique and modern guns with gun values online based off of the 100% – 30% condition ratings

3. A Gun Schematics, Blueprints & Manuals Library with 15,198 printable hi-res gun schematics, blueprints & manuals for all types of antique and modern guns

The new 11th Edition of enables deep, complex searches of antique and modern guns (from black powder muskets to 2020 guns) and side by side comparisons of search results. Guns are cross-referenced with the ammunition database. Guns and ammo are presented with prices, tech-specifications, features, ballistics and up to 12 high-resolution zoom able color pictures (up to 4000 x 1240). Now with over 15,198 printable gun schematics, blueprints and original gun manuals for antique and modern guns Firearms Guide 11th Edition is a great 27/4 tool for any professional gunsmith or gun enthusiast who wants to repair any gun or air gun. With just a click or two you can find, zoom in on your screen and then print out manuals, schematics, blueprints or parts lists for 15,198 antique and modern guns, both civilian and military guns.

Firearms Guide 11th Edition is available with free updates at for $29.95 for 1 year access or for $19.96 for 6 months access.

About Impressum Media Inc. Impressum Media Inc., founded in 2009 in Los Angeles, California is the publisher of the Firearms Guide series of digital firearms, air guns & ammunition reference & value guides for gun enthusiasts and industry professionals.

Contact Info:
Chris Mijic, Editor of Firearms Guide
Web: Impressum Media Inc.

Welcome to Northstate Powersports

h2>We Take Pride in Quality Products & Brands Honda motorcycles and motorsports equipment was brought to Chico in 1960 by a now well-known and remembered Bill Brownell. Customers reference the Bill Brownell days even today, more than 20 years after he retired from the business. Larry Perger purchased the Honda franchise from Bill Brownell in 1993 and operated it for 18 years, at its original location at 231 Nord Avenue. Nearly thirteen years ago, the store was moved to its current location at 11096 Midway, Chico, CA 95928.

The franchise and company changed hands once again on April 4th, 2011, this time to Gabe Eggen, the new face of Chico Honda Motorsports. Gabe previously worked at Chico Honda Motorsports during high school and most of college. The very place that would later become his life and passion had helped him obtain the education he needed to succeed. A few years of management work after college prepared Gabe to start the long process that would eventually lead to the purchase of Chico Honda Motorsports. Armed with the capital, energy, and new ideas necessary to return Chico Honda Motorsports to its glory days, Gabe set out to do just that.

A motorsports dream team was hired to make all of the new ideas for Chico Honda Motorsports a reality. The main focus and new philosophy is simple: community. All riders from all brands and types of riding share one main trait: love for the sport. From ATVs to scooters and from street bikes to dirt bikes, all of us love to ride. Northern California is a great place for all motorcycle, ATV, Scooter, and SXS riders. For that reason, Chico Honda Motorsports feels an obligation to help the community and surrounding areas supported.

In late 2014, Husqvarna motorcycles were added to the line-up at Chico Honda Motorsports and have regained their title as a top brand in the industry. Husqvarna fits our vision of providing something for every rider with quality and innovation to stand behind. Again in early 2018, it was time to expand, and this time Arctic Cat off-road vehicles were that match we needed. Textron Specialized Vehicles purchased Arctic Cat and pledged to create the most celebrated off-road vehicles to date. It only took one test ride on the New Wildcat XX model to convince Gabe it was the right decision.

With all of the growth and additions to the dealership, it became apparent in the middle of 2018 that another change was needed. This time it was with their own brand. Chico Honda Motorsports has been a staple in the community for so long and the heritage will always be celebrated. It was time for our own brand and name that was all inclusive. Northstate Powersports was launched in early 2019 with the same ownership and amazing staff but with a new look and feel.

Northstate Powersports is deeply involved in the riding community and assists with the coordinating, resourcing, and planning of events and activities that brings all motor-enthusiasts together. A mobile workstation travels to local racing events and offers services to both racers and riders. Northstate Powersports is a full service motorsports establishment offering sales in new Honda motorsports equipment, Husqvarna Motorcycles, Arctic Cat off-road, a full parts and accessories showroom and a service department with the addition of a suspension development section. Northstate Powersports is a Race Tech certified suspension center. All makes and models are welcome in our parts and service departments.

Our mission is to ensure that customers have all of their needs met when they visit the new and improved Northstate Powersports. Our company is dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction and we’re excited to welcome all to the Northstate Powersports family.

We know individuality is important, which is why we pay close attention to the interests of each customer. From the minute you walk through the door, meeting your needs is our top priority. Founded not only on excellent customer service, but also on the principles of hard work and a focused attitude, Northstate Powersports has a long list of satisfied customers. Call or stop by; you’ll be glad you did!

Northstate Powersports is conveniently located near the areas of Gridley, Sacramento, Northern California, San Francisco, Redding, Oroville, Oakland, Paradise, and Santa Rosa.

Northstate Powersports
11096 Midway
Chico, CA 95926
(530) 342-4216

The Gun from Hell

Have you seen this gun?

You may have seen this floating somewhere out in the wild internet. The gunsmith guru is none other than TJ of TJ Custom Gun Works. If you’re not familiar with TJ, you may have come across some of his ads and articles from the past in Combat Handguns, Soldier of Fortune, Guns & Weapons for Law Enforcement, Custom Combat Handguns, etc. plus a couple gun books sold through Paladin Press.

TJ has been gunsmithing since 1982 and in 1986 Combat Handguns saw what TJ can do with guns, well as they say the rest is history.
Like most gunsmiths, TJ started in pistolsmithing on Colt 1911’s and S&W revolvers and rifles.
He eventually went on to doing re-work and new exotic modifications. For example TJ worked on the Browning BDA .45. Afterwards the Browning BDA was renamed and dubbed the Sig Sauer P220.
It didn’t take long for local local police department to switch over the the Sig Sauer P220 and spread quickly all over the U.S. Many Sig work kept flowing in. These officers knew that reliablity is something that will save their lives and its what TJ offered with his wizardry gunsmithing skills.

TJ has done custom work for every walk of life that you can imagine. Doctors, lawyers, actors, police, FBI, Secret Service, ministers, bikers and bodyguards.

TJ also works on other guns besides the Sig Sauer such as re-working the Beretta’s, Colt’s (and copies of course), S&W’s (both auto & revolver), Taurus, Astra, Star, AMT, KelTec, Charter Arms, Desert Eagle, Browning, Ruger and Rossi.

If you’re still unsure of what TJ customizes, here’s an excerpt from my conversation with him:
AmSJ: What types of customization do you do?
TJ: I mainly only do handgun work these days. Some repairs & reliability issues, and some custom work. My true specialty is the internal action & trigger work, the improvement of the function & reliability. Unfortunately, no one cares to see photos of the polished internal parts, people want to see the pretty finish’s & compensators (I really hate doing comps, but I have been making them since the mid 1980’s). Recently I have been converting several Beretta 92 pistols from SA/DA to SAO (Single Action Only), fabricating parts for other guns that parts can not be obtained for, and then standard work like Sig Sauer overhauls & customization (Also 1911, CZ75, Beretta, S&W revolvers, and many others in the past weeks).

AmSJ:The custom work that you do, is it for design/aesthetically for looks? or, is it performance based? Like for some that are into competition shooting or maybe for personal defense.
TJ: My old magazine ads used to have one line of text aside from my contact info, and that was “Duty Actions to Full Exotics”, I think that says it all. I prefer doing the actual internal gun work, and I do it better then anyone else (yes, really), rather then the aesthetics that anyone can do. I am very happy to do a $200 job, but I am also happy to do a nice $5000+ full custom competition pistol as well. I just want my customers to be happy, and come back again and again years later for more work, THAT is the core of my working principals.

AmSJ:Are they mostly experienced shooters, plinkers or gun collectors that ask for your expertise?
TJ: I would say more are experienced people, guys that want something better then stock, and better then the mis-represented “factory custom” guns.
I have been gunsmithing and inventing for 35+ years now, I have made several inventions for guns, some have been copied, many have not. I like doing stuff no one else does, it is more fun. Look at my old gun photos and you’ll see more fun stuff when I have more free time, like the “gun from hell”.

Here are what his customers are saying about TJ’s work:
“TJ took my Colt Commander and turned it into machine art. It’s one of the finest firearms I have ever seen. And that’s inside and outside. TJ is a proud craftsman and a stickler for getting every last thing just right. Unbelievable his attention to detail. My Commander is one of a kind, an heirloom and a shooter, thanks to him. ~ Martin Hildreth”

“I had a basic action job, but a few tweaks and courtesies during the process enhanced the whole experience. In the end the work is clean, polished and professional, I’m shooting better, and I value both the tool and my experience all the more because of the high standard of work. There’s nothing else to know, nothing else matters. – Roger A. Cope”

“I am writing to say thank you for the amazing work you did on my Sig P239 and say that I endorse your work 100%. I had the level 3 package plus jewling the barrel. After receiving my firearm and emailing a bit TJ threw in jewling the extractor as well because he thought it would look nice. He also polished the barrel tip and guide rod tip. After taking the gun out to the range is shoots as nice as it looks. I am very happy and completely satisfied with the workmanship and quality of the finished product. I would recommend TJ to any gun owner I know and will use him again. – Dustin Marks”

If you want to get in touch with TJ Custom Gun Works for any gun works, you can email TJ at Obviously, you can check out TJ’s website at