• National African American Gun Association (NAAGA) Unveils 2024
    The National African American Gun Association (NAAGA) is thrilled to announce the 2024 National Summit, a 4-day event dedicated to fostering growth within the 2A community.
  • RIP Gaston Glock
    Gaston Glock was a trailblazer in advancing polymer firearms. It has since become synonymous with robust handguns widely utilized by law enforcement, military, and civilians globally.
  • Remington 870 DM Shotgun
    Introducing the only magazine-fed shotgun built on the pedigree of the world’s strongest, smoothest, and most reliable pump shotgun.
  • Ammo Shortage into 2022 and Beyond
    Yes, this 2021 Ammo Shortage is still going on into 2022 and beyond. This will still impact Local Gun Stores.
  • AR15.COM Deplatformed?
    GoDaddy Kicks off their Registrar at the beginning of 2021 – hear the Full story here.
  • Ruger Acquires Marlin Firearms from Remington for $30 Million
    Ruger wants to assure long-time Marlin fans that the brand isn’t going anywhere, Marlin products will now be shifted over to Ruger facilities.
  • RIP: Jeff Quinn of GunBlast
    Quinn was a “salt of the earth” kind of guy, a “gentle-soul” as his brother Boge put it. He loved God, family, and life.
  • Pocket Ox
    Pocket Ox mini hoists have Sealed Stainless steel Bearings on ¼ inch Stainless Clevis Pins and Delrin® Sheaves.
  • RE Camp Kitchen
    If you’re the next Extreme Chef that can cook anything at anytime, any where – Check out this RE Camp Kitchen – Setup is within 10 minutes.
  • The Big Horn Armory AR500 Auto Max Pistol Model is Back!
    Introduced in 2018, Big Horn Armory has made some upgrades to its AR500 Pistol for 2020.
  • Patriot Ordnance Factory Founder Frank DeSomma Passes
    Patriot Ordnance Factory founder, owner and President Frank DeSomma died last night from injuries sustained in a traffic accident while driving home from his office in Phoenix, AZ.
  • The Plus Side of COVID-19
    Americans are lining up at local gun shops and the word on the street is that many of those purchases are being made by first time owners.
  • CoronaVirus Causes Big Surge in Gun Sales
    Fear and uncertainty about the impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic are motivating people to buy Guns and Ammunition at Extreme levels.
  • Man Hits 6,000 Yard Target with .416 Barrett
    Renowned Long Distance Shooter Paul Phillips successfully made a 6,000-yard shot using a custom Rifle Chambered in .416 Barrett.
  • Frag 12 Exploding Shotgun Shell
    The Frag-12 Shotgun Explosive Round is used for potential improvements to the combat-effectiveness of shotguns in Urban Areas.
  • Ulticlip’s new Slim
    UltiClip provides a superior carry option that would offer concealment, exceptional retention, and would work without having to wear a belt.
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