You can find an exhaustive Ammo guide which covers everything from Special Loads to loading your own Ammo here. On this page are ammo reviews on everything Ammo related. American Shooting Journal gives you a 3rd opinion.

9mm vs 45

This debate will go on forever for the Die Hard 9mm & 45ACP fans, they are both good cartridges and can tame your passion, check out what we have to say…

The Excellent ELD-X

Hornady’s low drag, expanding bullet ‘delivers accuracy both at the bench and in the hunting fields.’ Story by Phil Massaro […]

9mm Ammo

Here are some really good reasons to be using 9mm ammo for Self-Defense, readily available and with recent innovation, 9mm can pack some weight behind them

Comparing Barrel Twist Rates

Rifling was discovered in 15th century Germany and most likely took the science behind arrows, which are fletched in a way that the arrow spins, thereby increasing its accuracy.