Archery 101: Safety First

No matter what kind of weapon that you fancy and want to get your kids involved.
Be sure to teach them the importances of safety, whether it’s a pistol lesson or an archery lesson, this should come as no surprise.
We don’t normally like to point fingers at peoples mistake, but this father did not watch what his son was doing while setting up an archery target.
Watch as this father is almost hit by his son’s arrow in this awful archery lesson that has gone wrong.

While the father was setting up the archery target, he was not aware his son was taking aim at that very same target.
As in firearms training, no one touches the weapon if someone is downrange setting up targets.
This father was very lucky that his son hit the target not his head. Very close call.
Again, passing on the enjoyment of archery is great, but please bear in mind safety must be the paramount lesson before letting them touch the bow and arrows.