AR15 Lower Parts Kit

Looking to get an AR lower parts kit? Building an AR can be very satisfying and you don’t have to be a gunsmith.
AR manufacturers have opened up the doors for the many home AR gunsmithers or someone just looking to replace a spring.

If you want to save money or want a higher quality parts than the stock AR, then have a look at some kits below.
Selecting the right AR lowers can be a chore or for some its a fun hobby to put together an optimized AR.

Some of these below ranges from mil-spec to weird G.I. Joes solutions.
We’ve dove into some high end gear and junk alike to give you the top lowers in the market.

DPMS AR-15 Lower Parts Kit

DPMS is a big name in the AR-15 world and they have lowers to fit most budgets. This kit is a standard mil-spec, though it lacks the bells and whistles the price is affordable.
Designed for the newbie with a simple budget. When they say more bang for the buck, this lower kit means just that.
DPMS can assure you that any rifle built with this kit will reliably go bang for the lifetime of the gun.
Pretty good deal for the price. $39.99

Brownell’s MOE AR15 Lower Parts Kit

Brownell’s the DPMS Lower kit with their premium quality buffer tube assembly, and a Magpull MOE stock and pistol grip to give you a build kit that is several steps above the competition.
Yes, with the enhanced Magpul stock and grip it does make a difference in handling the rifle and is better than the regular mil-spec.
This is considered the complete lower build kit to have! $207.88

Bravo Company Enhanced AR-15 Lower Parts Kit

Here’s what Bravo Company offers, a premium pistol grip that is highly comfortable than the standard grip combine with an enhanced trigger guard.
This duo really makes it great for the competitive shooter who appreciates a nice, crisp clean break.
This kit is for a higher end rifle build. $119.95

Lewis Machine and Tool Two Stage AR15 Lower Parts Kit

I know the price is high but don’t let it fool you.
Comes with all the springs, gadgets and a two-stage trigger that Lewis Machine ships is more than enough to raise this AR lower kit to the next level.

Having a two-stage trigger really takes this AR to another level as a precision rifle or home defense gun.
Using a single-stage trigger for precision shooting is not ideal. Sort of like having a Ferrari but only going 20mph. $249.00

Which Kit to go with
If you’re really strapped for money go with the mil-spec.
For others that want more than the minimal.
You should get the minimal kit and at leisure upgrade certain parts to increase the performance of the AR.
For instances, a nice stock and pistol grip can make a huge difference in performance and comfort.
Maybe, all you really need is a kick ass “trigger” which is the heart of lower AR kit. Whether to make your AR look flashy or down to earth, the trigger is where its at for reliability when you need it.
If you still want to look cool with fancy mag catches and bolt release levers, its out there in the market.

It’s your choice, have a look at some of the products that we’ve partnered with below and above.



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AR-15 low-profile flip-up 45-degree sight set



Tenacity action with
20 MOA rail and recoil lug


LT-10 lower receiver

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3-pound curved trigger