Post-Apocalyptic Guns

Here’s some pics from Imgur user ricraynor of a post-apocalyptic style custom rifle build that looks like from a Mad Max film.

The two rifles, an AR flattop build constructed with a split wooden stock around the buffer tube and what used to be an Ottoman Turkish Mauser, seem like they are a step away from being shiny and chrome.
But before you get worked up about hacking up the vintage bolt-gun, the creator cautions the Mauser was on its last legs and was no longer collectible. So the next best thing besides throwing it away is to custom build it.

“It was in such bad shape when we started that restoring it would have cost way more than it’s worth,” says ricraynor. “The stock was mostly rotten and cracked and the barrel needed to be counter-bored and re-crowned.”

The AR is still a Title I gun and they both reportedly still work.

“All of the apocalypse builds work and we shoot them occasionally,” says ricraynor.
“They look like hell but are actually maintained and safe to shoot.”