Buyer’s Guide

Accura Outdoors

With a dedication to using only the highest quality materials and machinery, as well as a relentless quality assurance program, Accura Outdoors has built a reputation for not only quality but consistency, along with the best customer service in the industry.
After over a decade of selling to OEM loaders and the private label sector, they expanded their capacity and are taking that product straight to the consumer. Accura Outdoors’ goal is to offer the best options for hand loaders striving to reach the most cost-efficient way to shoot without sacrificing accuracy. Throughout the years, they’ve perfected their current offering of bullet options in .380, 9mm, .38, .40, .44, and .45, and a .30 caliber optimized for .300 Blackout. Customers can expect the highest quality, innovation and accuracy at a reasonable price from Accura Outdoors for years to come.
They will not be stopping there; join the Accura Outdoors family as they continue to develop new products and improve the current ones.

Al Lind, Gunmaker

Custom designed and built to your specifications, using the finest materials to craft every detail.

Armaspec, Inc.
The Armaspec XPDW Gen2 stock is an aluminum five-position stock with hardened steel rods. It incorporates a low-profile lightweight aluminum latch carrier with a steel lock engagement point. The stock can be rapidly deployed using the ratcheting system or gravity by pointing the rifle up while disengaging the lock. The XPDW is designed to mount directly on your standard Mil-Spec buffer tube with no other modifications. It also features a QD butt attachment point for your sling, is made in the USA, and has a lifetime warranty. Patent pending.

Athlon Optics

Athlon Optics has announced the addition of the Ares ETR to their family of riflescopes. Bringing a new dimension to precision rifle work, repeatable precision has never met an optic at this price point.
Designed with consumer feedback in mind, the Ares ETR first focal plane riflescope is loaded with features accommodating a variety of shooting disciplines. A locking windage turret eliminates concerns of inadvertent adjustments in the field. The true precision zero stop provides a hard, repeatable return to zero, ensuring your shot is on target every time. Extra-low dispersion ED lenses offer the sharpest, most colorful image possible. The Ares ETR is built with a rugged 34mm one-piece tube, offering 110 MOA total elevation adjustment. A high-precision erector system and stainless steel turret design provide consistent and repeatable adjustments from top to bottom. From big game hunting to extreme long range, the Ares ETR is “Sharp, Tight, and Priced Just Right.”

Bartlein Barrels
With a current wait time of five to six months for a precision barrel, the word is out that some of the most precise barrels commonly used for hunting and today’s Precision Rifle Series competitions are those from Bartlein Barrels. This team of experienced shooters, reloaders and hunters has been in the firearms industry for years and knows the industry inside and out.
Their uniformity is second to none and their rifling machines are so accurate they carry the twist rate to the fourth decimal point, meaning you can have your twist so precise, it measures 1 in 11.3642. Their single-point cut rifling is the most stress-free method to rifle a barrel, the twist is exact, and the bore and groove dimensions are uniform.
They prelap every barrel before rifling and finish lap just after. This means you should never need to fire lap or bore-polish your barrel under any circumstances. They also swear that a lapped barrel will not wear out faster than an unlapped one, and have found that their barrels will typically last longer than a button barrel.

Black Hills Ammunition
Shooters looking for the ultimate performance in their .300 Whisper/Blackout guns will be pleased with a new copper bullet load from Black Hills Ammunition, the 110-grain Tipped TSX (TTSX) from Barnes Bullets (G1 B.C. of .295).
This projectile was designed with a long ogive to ensure smooth and positive feeding, even from full 30-round magazines. It expands immediately upon impact and retains nearly 100 percent of its weight, penetrating to desired depths of 18-plus inches. Testing has shown it also performs well through tough barriers, such as car doors and windshields, making this a very suitable round for police patrol rifles. As a hunting bullet, it will provide superior performance against everything from whitetails to tough critters like monster hogs. This round provides great accuracy, flawless function and great terminal performance.

Bullard Leather
Looking for that new leather holster, double thick belt, rifle sling, cowboy rig, cartridge belt, wallet or a knife sheath made from beautiful 100-percent Hermann Oak Leather? Look no further than Bullard Leather, located in Cooper, Texas. All their products are handmade with care in their shop. All holsters are molded to the gun and boned in for a snug and accurate fit. Choose from a variety of exotic skins, bull hides and custom hand-tooling in an array of colors.
Pictured are the Combat Holster, Slant Trapper Knife Sheath and 1½-inch Carry Belt in Brown Water Buffalo. The Combat Holster features a slight 10-degree forward cant and is worn in the 2 to 3 o’clock position.
Visit their website and online store at, email or call 844-336-2958.

Bobbie Weiner’s Camouflage Face Paint
Bobbie Weiner has manufactured and provided Camo Face Paint to all branches of the U.S. military and hunting industry for 22-plus years.
This past winter, Bobbie was asked by the military to create a new face paint kit. It is now available to all end users and distributors. The new three-color compact face paint wheel includes black, loam and olive green. There is also an unbreakable mirror included in the inside of the compact. Private labeling is available. Bobbie manufactures three-color, four-color and five-color compacts that all come with unbreakable mirrors. She also makes tubes filled with her camo face paint in Acu, Woodland and Scorpion colors.
Her makeup is made of the highest quality. It is odorless, non-glare, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, washes off with soap and water, and has a four-year shelf life. Each compact will last for 20-plus applications. All makeup is manufactured and packaged in the USA.

Clippership Motorhome
Clippership Motorhome is the oldest RV company in Alaska. They have been in business 37 years, providing families and individuals with a vacation “home away from home.”
Clippership Motorhome has the largest selection of recreational vehicles in terms of size, class and category, designed to fit any budget.
Their motorhomes are self-contained – you will have hot and cold running water, a water heater, a heater, a freezer, a refrigerator, and lights without plug-in. Alaska has no restrictions; you can park on the side of the road, by beautiful lakes and rivers, with your personal view out of the windows.
Rates include linens, utensils, unlimited mileage, insurance and taxes. For reservations, call 800-421-3456, visit, or email

Conceal & Protect
The SmartCarry women’s holster was designed with women in mind! Sweat-proof and virtually invisible, carrying concealed has never been more comfortable. Made in the USA and sold only at

Covert Carrier
The Covert Carrier allows the user to carry a small-framed, narrow handgun concealed inside the waistband (IWB) with “total handgun concealment.” There is no need for a holster, case or pouch. The device is made of stainless steel and is guaranteed for life. The Covert Carrier was designed and developed for semiautomatic pistols; however, it can be adapted to small revolvers that have a “boot grip” affixed to them.
The Covert Carrier is the gold standard for concealed carry. The metal fastener is placed on the handle of small-framed, low-profile, narrow pistols or five-shot wheel guns. Furthermore, it can also be used for deep cover, on either a primary or backup handgun. The metal fasteners are easily installed to plastic or wooden grips. Covert Carrier’s EPDM Sleeves are designed for polymer semiautos. Their replacement panels fit the following handguns: Seecamp 25, 32 and 380; NAA 25, 32 and 380; Beretta Tomcat and Bobcat; and Sig Sauer 238 and 938.
The Covert Carrier was built for appendix carry, and the manufacturer suggests appendix carry for best results. However, the device works well in other concealment configurations and carry options, such as the small of the back, and inside a pocket, boot or purse.

Dara Holsters & Gear, Inc.
Dara Holsters’ Custom IWB Holster features a patented Curved Clip, designed to mimic the curve of the waistband. This keeps the gun tight to the body and secured to the belt. Proudly made in the USA, and backed by a lifetime warranty.

Elftmann Tactical
The ELF 700 Precision Rifle Trigger is the pinnacle of drop-in trigger systems for the Remington 700 and clone precision rifles. Designed with an externally adjustable pull weight, it is infinitely adjustable from 8 to 64 ounces. This trigger has the incredible feel and crisp break that ELF triggers are known for, even at the highest weight. One of the unique and proprietary features of this trigger, three aerospace-grade bearings are key to the consistency and smoothness of the pull. Because the bearings are a pressed fit with a pressed fit shaft pressed into a billet housing, there is absolutely no play in any components. Another proprietary technology is a 6-to-1 ratio roller bearing pivot arm that effectively eliminates any variation in set pull weight, regardless of firing spring tension. Other features include an oversized safety knob and an innovative internal bolt release mechanism, which is optional if you are installing in a clone rifle. The trigger shoe is aluminum, easily adjustable, and is available curved or flat. (Both included.)
“The Elftmann Remington 700 trigger may be the most versatile trigger available with a wide range of adjustment that can support hunters to competitive shooters with consistency and reliability without compromising safety,” said Phil Hayes, prior USMC with 28 years of law enforcement tactical operations and firearms instruction. Hayes is also a NRA long range High Master and Distinguished Rifleman.
“I weighed the trigger pull in the full range of adjustment to within an ounce time and time again. The release is amazingly consistent and smooth every single shot. The adjustable trigger shoe, bolt release and oversize safety also support ease of manipulation under all shooting conditions. Whether I’m using it for competition, law enforcement application, hunting or recreational shooting, this trigger does it all for me.”

Environ-Metal, Inc.
Environ-Metal, Inc., makers of Hevi-Shot, bring you Hevi-Duty frangible, nontoxic bullets and cartridges. The patent-pending material system and process produces bullets that are:
• More accurate than lead in independent tests;
• Precision steel safe ammunition;
• Nontoxic;
• Frangible;
• Match grade accuracy;
• Non-sparking on steel targets;
• Available in cartridges for indoor and outdoor ranges.
These bullets allow Environ-Metal to offer versatile cartridges that are:
• Suited for all shooting venues: indoor and outdoor ranges, quarries, public land;
• Non-sparking at impact and safe to use on any steel targets or rocks;
• Deeply penetrating on soft targets, for home defense;
• Substantially more accurate than lead for competition shooting;
• Inexpensively priced to compete with lead;
• Made in Sweet Home, Oregon. was founded by American Bladesmith Society Mastersmith, Dave Ellis. Dave began his collecting at a young age and currently provides some of the world’s finest knives to top collectors.
Specializing in the most collectible of knifemakers, such as Bob Loveless, Bill Moran, Ron Lake and Michael Walker, as well as many of the top bladesmiths, Dave has a rapport with both makers and collectors alike.
Lately, Exquisiteknives has been highlighting the forged works of Sam Lurquin of Belgium (knife pictured here) and the three-brother team from Argentina, CAS.
Knives by these makers have increased in both value and collectability over the years and Exquisiteknives is close to all of these fine men.
For the best in the custom knife world, remember

Gary Reeder Custom Guns
When you are looking for full-custom guns, look no further than Gary Reeder Custom Guns. They have been building full-custom guns since 1987 and currently have almost 70 series of full-custom revolvers, custom 1911s, custom lever guns, custom single shots and a lot more. These include the very popular Black Widow, one of their most popular series since 1987. For more info, check or call 928-527-4100.

Iosso Products
Remove all gun fouling in 15 minutes or less with Iosso. So quick and effective, you will never go back to smelly, messy solvents. The system consists of the Iosso Bore Cleaner, the Iosso Premium Bore Brush, and the Iosso Triple Action Oil. The combination of these products will remove the nasty carbon burn, copper, lead, plastic wad and all other fouling associated with shooting. It’s great for people with allergies or intolerance to chemicals. The bio-based formulas are made from plant extracts. While keeping the environment healthy, it is also safer for the user, in that it is odorless. The blue brush is a trademark of Iosso, which stands for a quality product made in the USA.

Iver Johnson Arms
The Stryker SN from Iver Johnson Arms is a 12-gauge, AR-15-style semiautomatic shotgun. Features include: satin nickel/black two-tone finish; 20-inch smooth-bore barrel plus muzzle brake; MKA 1919 five-round box magazine; A2-style detachable carry handle with adjustable sight; fiber optic front sight; synthetic forend with light rails on the sides and bottom; two-piece pistol grip stock; standard AR-15 bolt release and mag release; cross trigger safety; and thick rubber buttpad.
The gun’s overall length is 43 inches; overall weight is 7 pounds, 10 ounces unloaded; length with stock removed is 33.75 inches; and the length of pull is 14.25 inches.

JM4 Tactical
The JM4 Tactical Magnetic Quick Click & Carry is the first ever, and only, magnetic retention concealed carry holster that provides you with a way to carry your firearm, no matter what you wear. The Original Magnetic holster allows you to be armed without the hassle of belts or clips, while maintaining a level of unprecedented comfort.
The Original Magnetic Holster is designed to be worn for hours at a time and forgotten about until needed, no matter what you’re wearing or what you’re doing. From jeans and dress pants to shorts and activewear, the patented JM4 Tactical Magnetic holster has you covered, no matter where life takes you.
Historically, gun holsters had only men in mind with their design. But the Magnetic Quick Click & Carry is great for both men and women who wish to arm themselves in comfort, convenience, and the deep concealment that can only be found with this magnetic holster.
Furthermore, there is no hard plastic from injected molds known to damage a firearm’s finish, nor does it use metal or plastic clips that could damage your clothing. The Magnetic Quick Click & Carry is 100-percent made in the U.S.A.
Use discount code SJ10 at checkout to save 10 percent.

Joseph Chiarello & Co., Inc.
Joseph Chiarello & Co., Inc. is a family-owned and -operated business founded in 1934 that has specialized in insuring the firearms industry since 1979. Throughout those years many competitors have come and gone. For over 40 years, Joseph Chiarello & Co. has stood by the firearms industry. The insurance coverage they provide is an important tool for managing one’s exposure to risk. They strive to provide the best products and services available to their clients, at reasonable prices.
Their primary focus is on commercial general liability and property coverages. This program is underwritten by the Granite State Insurance Company. Policies are written on admitted paper in all 50 states.

Dave Poppe, Technical Support at Kick-Eez, offers specialized one-on-one technical service for customers that have purchased one of the company’s recoil pads or are considering purchasing a Kick-Eez product of any kind and are in need of service.
Dave is always available to help you work out which product might be the best for your gun, overcome fitment issues or be walked step-by-step through the process of getting the pad successfully mounted on your gun. Dave personally answers more than 50 emails weekly regarding technical questions and gives continual direction to gunsmiths and customers to obtain optimal results.

Liberty Safe
From building just six safes each day in 1988 to becoming the industry leader in safe engineering and technology, Liberty Safe has spent the last 30 years doing business for and with Americans. What started in a few storage units has culminated in the ability to manufacture up to 700 safes each and every day. And with over two million safes sold, they take their responsibility to preserve and protect seriously.
Yes, you can store your firearms in a safe. But more and more people are using safes to protect their own slice of the American dream. Each safe owner has a different definition of the things they value the most, and Liberty works to make sure they feel secure. From your grandfather’s pistol to mementos, medication to documents, Liberty Safe is there to protect your story. Their mission to safeguard what matters most is what drives them to continue their focus on engineering and testing their products to create better features and a more secure safe.
Liberty has invested over $30 million in security innovation and engineering to make sure their safes offer the protection they promise. From stronger welds to better locking mechanisms, their 350 employees in Payson, Utah, (and hundreds of independent dealers across the country) are dedicated to creating the best product for you.
Liberty Safe’s American dream? To do whatever it takes to protect yours.

Matt’s Bullets Ammunition
Here is finally a solution for those who want to shoot their .45 Colts that have oversized cylinders, or even worse, oversized bores. These cartridges are loaded with a hollow base wadcutter bullet and the pressure on the base of the bullet, as it is fired, blows the base of the skirt of the hollow base bullet into the rifling, making for a more accurate cartridge, especially in oversized revolvers. Matt’s Bullets makes high quality ammunition where each cartridge passes multiple inspections in the manufacturing process. The .45 Colt Premium Target Ammunition is $44.95 for 50 cartridges.
They also make other hard-to-find loads, such as a very light recoil .38 Special practice load for those who are recoil-sensitive, especially with the popular lightweight concealed carry revolvers. Now you can practice without hurting!
Feel free to call 870-856-6788 and talk to Matt about any questions you have.

New England Custom Gun Service, Ltd.
New England Custom Gun Service, Ltd. specializes in top-quality gunsmithing and restoration services to the sporting arms community, as well as high-quality long arms, optics and gun components. They sell AyA, Blaser, Krieghoff, Mauser, Merkel, Sauer and others. Their extensive gun accessories list features an assortment of scope mounts by EAW and Recknagel, quality gun sights and gun accessories, many designed by NECG and made in Germany or here in the United States. They also sell their NECG Peep Sights for Weaver Bases, Grooved 22s, as well as Ruger and CZ firearms. You’ll find a lot of knowledge at NECG. Browse their new website at

October Country Muzzleloading
Back in 1977 when the company was in its infancy, October Country Muzzleloading was a hunting bag. One product. Today, more than four decades later, the northern Idaho-based outfit offers a complete and thorough line of muzzleloaders and muzzleloading accessories, including ramrods, Pushing Daisies patches, Blue Thunder solvent, Bumblin’ Bear Grease, leather shooting bags, powder horns, and hand-forged shooting tools. Their inventory also features custom English sporting rifles, and products specifically designed and manufactured for cowboy action and black powder cartridge shooters.

Ontario Knife Company
In the tradition of one of Ontario Knife’s most venerable and popular knives, the trusted classic 499 pilot’s survival knife, the company has added the OKC Journeyman. This knife is a workman and outdoorsman’s knife designed in similar fashion to the 499. Boasting the stacked leather handle, sheep’s foot blade design and deep serrations on the spine, this knife is sure to easily conquer any task set before it. Coming in at only 8.5 inches overall length, 4 full inches of cutting surface, and coupled with a leather sheath, the OKC Journeyman is built to be a true standard in everyday carrying.

Palmetto State Armory
The Palmetto State Armory Custom Series of firearms and accessories relies on modern innovation and design to elevate your shooting platform to the next level. From PCC to AR-15, the Palmetto State Armory Custom Series helps eliminate excess weight while adding durability and improved functionality. The PSA Custom Series gives you the option of upgrading your existing rifle with its offering of over 40 individual parts, complete rifles, receiver sets and optics. You can find more information at

Present Arms, Inc.
The AR Hook is another “third hand” from Present Arms. It is an AR cleaning rod guide and upper receiver strut. Simply hook the upper receiver and pin to the lower with the takedown pin. Use it with Present Arms’ patented Sentinel Plate and AR magazine post, sold separately, for the perfect user-friendly AR cleaning station.

R&S Precision Sports, LLC
R&S Precision Sports, LLC was founded in 1996 and since then, they have provided after-market accessories for various rifles and handguns from Ruger, Savage, Remington, Browning, Howa, Weatherby, Thompson Center, etc. They carry a wide range of products for customizing and accurizing hunting and target rifles from some of the best manufacturers in the business, including: Boyds, Volquartsen, Athlon, Tactical Solutions, Pike Arms, Green Mountain, Victor Company and more. R&S Precision’s goal is to offer excellent parts for sporting arms while providing customer service that’s second to none. In order to meet that goal, they are happy to communicate with any customers concerning their products, and all products in stock are ready to ship the same day.
Pictured above is the Savage Axis, which features: Boyds At-One Thumbhole Coyote Wood Stock, Athlon 6-24 Optic, and a Harris Bipod.

Raw Dog Tactical
The folks at Raw Dog Tactical believe in having confidence in your everyday carry. With adjustable retention to find the perfect fit, leather backing for all-day comfort, and a kydex shell for trigger protection, their team of skilled craftsmen strives to provide the highest quality holster that America offers.
Raw Dog Tactical began in 2015 with the idea of offering a simpler solution to the oversized hybrid holsters. They wanted to reduce the footprint by offering a single clip hybrid holster for ease of putting on and taking off, without having to practically undress. After months of research, they finally had it. The first single clip hybrid holster design with adjustable retention.
They moved along to becoming one of the fastest growing internet-based holster companies in America. With well over 100,000 customers, Raw Dog Tactical lets their experience and satisfied customer base do the talking as they continue to keep their values intact as they grow. The team has developed streamlined systems to make and ship your holster within 3 to 5 business days, not weeks like others.

Rim Rock Bullets, Inc.
Introducing the new 10mm 200-grain and 220-grain FP from Rim Rock Bullets.
These bullets were brought to market due to popular demand from several writers and at least one company that wanted hard-hitting ammo for pistol hunters. The bullets are made with 15 Brinell hardness lead.

Safety Harbor Firearms Inc.
Safety Harbor Firearms’ 2019 product lineup includes the KES (“Kompact Entry Stock”) line of PDW and pistol braces for the AR-15, CZ Scorpion, Sig MPX-Rattler, HK MP5k/MP5 and the Grand Power Stribog SP9A1.
Since 2003, SHF has manufactured the SHTF 50 BMG Upper Conversion for the AR-15, available with a side-fed removable five-round box magazine or as a single-shot. Available barrel lengths are 18, 22 and 29 inches. SHF-made steel stocks and bipod are also available.
Delivering customers affordable, innovative and high quality products is the driving force at Safety Harbor Firearms.
For more information visit

SierraPapa Inc.
CX4 Storm lovers looking to improve the performance of their firearm will be delighted to know that SierraPapa specializes in upgrade replacement parts for this firearm. Available upgrades include the machined aluminum trigger housing, stainless steel hammer/aluminum trigger/spring kit and steel guide rod kit.
Replacing the existing stock trigger assembly with the HTS kit will reduce the trigger pull weight to approximately 6.5 pounds and take some of the sponginess out of the trigger. When used in conjunction with the machined ATH, the trigger pull weight can be reduced to approximately 5 pounds, removing almost all pretravel and all overtravel. Installing the steel GR kit provides performance reliability and helps absorb some of the recoil, making the firearm more enjoyable to shoot.
Contact SierraPapa to see what they can do for you!

Skinner Sights
Skinner Sights is now offering scope mounting solutions for several rifle makes and models. Some models feature an integral peep sight built into the scope mount. Rails are machined from solid aluminum bar stock and the sights, like all Skinner offerings, are machined from solid steel. Made in Montana, USA. For more information, visit or give Skinner Sights a call at 406-745-4570 Montana time.

Michlitch Company
Do you like barbeque? Do you like hot sauces but don’t like a mess on your grill? Try this dry hot sauce rub, newly developed by Michlitch Company for Fletcher’s Sauce Company, located in Spokane, Washington. This dry rub is not too hot for covering a steak before cooking. It’s so good that you can sprinkle it on jojo potatoes, fries and grilled vegetables, or even on a tossed green salad for kicking things up a notch.
The Brisket and Roast rub is excellent for grilling, pan frying or roasting. Rub the spice blend on both sides of a brisket, roast or steak before cooking. The Smokie BBQ is wonderful on ground beef, potatoes or grilled vegetables. Try it on a grilling rack or bowl over slices of onion and green pepper. The uses of these blends are limited only by your imagination!
Buy retail online at Commercial bulk pricing is also available on these products. Call 509-624-1490 for pricing.

The Running Man is an intensely challenging firearms training system that will stretch any shooter’s skills, challenging even the most advanced shooter. The Running Man is often used in tandem with a Turning Target System to simulate hostage or fugitive situations and presents officers with shoot/no shoot decisions. It can also be used alone as a moving, wireless target training system.
The SPTargets Running Man combines classic, tough, powder-coated steel construction and sealed bearings with advanced electronic sensors that constantly re-orient the moving target for 100-percent accuracy in location relative to the Turning Targets. Unlike many RM systems, the SPTargets Running Man never loses its place. Its wireless handheld control unit permits selection of a variety of speeds and motion of the target, or the user can select various automatic modes.

Stealth Operator Holsters by Phalanx Defense Systems
Over the past seven years, the folks at Phalanx Defense Systems have seen more customers than they can count say “Wow!” or “Perfect fit!” in disbelief after trying a Stealth Operator. It can be difficult to believe that one holster can secure 150-plus different firearms with positive retention, but their advanced designs do just that. And if you’re skeptical, they want to make it as easy as possible for you with free shipping, 30-day satisfaction guarantee and lifetime warranty.
Stealth Operator Holsters are crafted in the USA by a team that is serious about quality. So serious that they quality check each holster twice before they ship it. They’ve even simulated extreme wear conditions by running one over with a two-ton truck… it was good as new! How’s that possible? The holsters are made from a nylon polymer – not Kydex – so they are more durable and more flexible.
Even though just one Stealth Operator Holster can replace a bucket of others, they make a variety of options to suit your everyday carry or range bag needs. All low print, all made to last: IWB, OWB, full-size, compact, black, coyote or special edition.

Stoner Holsters
Stoner Holsters has been making holsters since 1997. They carry over 10,000 holsters in stock to fit over 500 different guns. All holsters are available for both right- or left-handed carry. Their holsters can be made to fit many lasers and lights.
Stoner Holsters is known for their custom work and willingness to accommodate their customers’ needs.
Styles available are in-the-waistband, outside-the-waistband, shoulder rigs, dress belts, gun belts and western rigs. Colors offered are black, havana brown and tan. Carry options are tuckable, canted, stainless steel reinforced rim and leather lining.
Check out their Pro-Series line of holsters which have a smooth leather lining some styles have a stainless steel reinforced rim.
All holsters have a 100-year manufacturer’s warranty All products are made in the USA.
Visit for complete listing and descriptions of available styles and videos.

Tap Rack Holsters
Tap Rack Holsters is a leading provider of premium, American-made firearm holsters. In business for over 10 years, the folks at Tap Rack take pride in handcrafting premium holsters for those on the front line in military, law enforcement and private citizens all over the world.
Their principles are simple: they aim to provide premium quality products their customers can rely on at reasonable prices. Safety, function and form are the three principles that Tap Rack integrates into their line of holsters. They listen to what their customers say about designs and features, because in some cases it helps shape their product.
At Tap Rack, they know whether you are shooting a match, are a licensed CCW holder, law enforcement or serving in the military, that the product they build must perform each and every time, no matter the task.

UltiMAK has been known for 20 years for their rock-solid AK optic mounts and forends, but they’ve come up with ground-breaking designs for other rifles as well. USGI pattern M1 Garands, M14s, M1As, M1 .30 Carbines, and Ruger’s Mini-14 series are supported by UltiMAK’s innovative, solid, user-installed, practical optic mounts and legendary customer service as well.
The time-tested and proven UltiMAK model M6 optic mounts for the M1 .30 Carbine (M6-B shown) are the lowest, most stable and practical optic mounts available for the platform. The forward positioning allows faster targeting with better field of view, provides more rail length, maintains full access to the receiver mechanism, and will not interfere with case ejection or take-down for cleaning. No need to remove your rear iron sight, either.
Also, for the first time in all the history of the known universe, it will soon be possible to co-witness an optical sight with the USGI M1 .30 Carbine factory iron sights. Of course that also means getting a proper cheekweld on the Carbine when using an optic sight, so it’s not only about having your irons available for instant backup. See the UltiMAK website at for updates.

White Oak Armament
White Oak Armament made its reputation by providing award-winning barrels to the high-power competition community. Now the company is using that expertise to design barrels for other shooting disciplines and the hunting market.
Chambered in .223/5.56, 6.8 SPCII, .204 Ruger, .22 Nosler and .224 Valkyrie, all White Oak barrels start with a stainless steel, match-grade, lapped blank to give you the best barrel possible. Their line of Varmint and Predator barrels are extremely accurate and are available in lengths from 18 to 26 inches.
White Oak has also introduced a purpose-built 18-inch 3-Gun barrel that will deliver the match-grade accuracy they are known for in a lighter weight barrel. Their SPR and SDM barrels are designed for the MIL/LE market but make a great barrel for the casual shooter as well.
They are also building complete uppers with all of their barrels!
Check out or call 309-376-2288.

Zero Bullet Company
Fifty-two years. That’s how long the folks at the Zero Bullet Company have been manufacturing jacketed handgun bullets. And their expertise and craftsmanship show in their impressive competitive championship wins. Team Zero member Kevin Angstadt won the prestigious Bianchi Cup in 2014 using the company’s Number 136 9mm 125-grain jacketed hollow point competition bullet. Kim Beckwith has racked up multiple High Senior awards at the Cup with Zero’s .38 Super ammunitions. The National Pistol Championship? Zero’s been there and done that. Same with the Pistol 4-Man Team Championships at Ohio’s Camp Perry. An impressive record, for a company with equally as impressive credentials and products.