• RIP Gaston Glock

    RIP Gaston Glock

    Gaston Glock was a trailblazer in advancing polymer firearms. It has since become synonymous with robust handguns widely utilized by law enforcement, military, and civilians globally.

  • Oregon’s First Anti-Poaching K9, Buck

    Oregon’s First Anti-Poaching K9, Buck

    Buck locates gunpowder residue, human scent and evidence trails that troopers would not find visually- that scent leads to additional evidence & can mark a specific location.

  • Straight Shooters

    Straight Shooters

    Army to revamp small arms training with tougher marksmanship tests

  • Harris County Welcome Sign

    Harris County Welcome Sign

    A Georgia Sheriff’s UnConventional Welcome Sign causes a Huge Stir and is now Going Wild in Local News and the Internet.