• Breaking Leather while in the Vehicle

    There’s more to it than Drawing your Pistol in a Vehicle Just a Note: The following topic is talked about in small groups of CCW carriers that are defensive minded and it involves gunfights while in a vehicle. Many people have written about it and we’re not the first.Take this article as a grain of […]

  • American Built Arms Company Launches the A*B Arms M-LOK Polymer Picatinny Rails

    Glen Rock, PA (August 4, 2021) – American Built Arms Company(AB Arms brand) is proud to introduce their newest product; the AB Arms M-LOK Polymer Picatinny Rails.The AB Arms M-LOK Polymer Picatinny Rails are designed and engineered for military, law enforcement, and firearms enthusiasts. Compact and lightweight, the AB Arms M-LOKPolymer Picatinny Rails come in […]

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  • Pack a “Punch” with New Bullet Line

    Federal’s diverse budget-friendly choices for concealed carry check the boxes – even come in .22 LR. Story by Phil Massaro, Photos by Massaro Media Group Not all handgun bullets are created equal. My dad – Ol’ Grumpy Pants – still relies on a mixture of lead flat nosed bullets and military ball ammo to feed […]

  • ADCO Aselkon IT1-G

    You may not be aware of this, but there are lots of shotguns coming out of Turkey. Some are high quality, and others are not. Many of the top shotgun manufacturers are having their premier shotguns made in Turkey. You may be spending a large sum of money for a particular brand that may be […]

  • Three Seconds Rule Cliche?

    Is Three Seconds Rule the norm to Train with a Pistol? When it comes to gun fighting most gun coaches/teachers will advise the “three shots in three seconds within 3 yards” rule of thumb for gun fight training. How did these gun trainers come up with this rule of thumb? Some of these gun trainers […]

  • Always be the Uncommon Man

    Words of wisdom from Black Belt, Hand-to-Hand Combat Instructor and Bladesmith Ernest Emerson Story and Photos by Paul Pawela In the 2003 movie Secondhand Lions, a young boy played by Haley Joel Osment goes to stay with his two great-uncles for the summer. Although living modestly on a farm, it is rumored that the uncles, […]

  • More than a Match

    For Bryan Sikes, ‘Lessons Learned’ at Precision Rifle Series competitions have had applications for Special Ops Sniper Training Program. Story by Bryan Sikes Bryan Sikes has been heavily involved in the Precision Rifle Series since 2012, when his Army unit, 7th Special Forces Group, relocated to Florida. Sikes, a special operations sniper with multiple combat […]

  • The Versatile 10mm

    First developed to combine the attributes of the 9mm Luger and the .45 ACP, this round is now one of the best handgun hunting cartridges made for semiautomatics. Story and Photos by Jason Brooks Handgun shooters know that two of the most popular calibers are the 9mm Luger (Parabellum) and the .45 ACP. The latter […]