• Flat Top Detachable Carrying Handle

    This quick detachable carry handle scope stands out in terms of quality and price. The carry handle is both sturdy and functional. It comes equipped with an adjustable Rear Sight which has both large and small rear Aperture. It mounts to any flat top rail equipped rifle. Also includes, a quick detachable Carry Handle top, […]

  • Spotlight on Sauvie Island Duck Club

    Located 10 miles northwest of Portland and nestled along the fabled Pacific Flyway, Sauvie Island DuckClub is prime waterfowl hunting real estate. The private hunting club has one of the largest state-run birdrefuges offering waterfowl hunting close by. This translates to 200,000 to 300,000 ducks and geese in thearea, depending on the time in the […]

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  • Fire Wolf Acog 4×32 Scope w mini Red Dot Sight

    This 4×32 Acog Scope is the perfect substitute to the more expensive Trijicon models. Made from great quality materials, and with a kickass magnification, view displays and adjustment settings, it is the best acog scope for the price! On top of this, it comes with a mini red dot sight! Specification: Magnification: 4x Objective Lens […]

  • Spec Ops Weathermen: S**t-Hot

    “Those guys were S**t-Hot, and could swing like Tarzan, think like Einstein and climb like Spider-Man,” remembers a member of Delta Force, who deployed with SOWTs and Combat Controllers during the fierce early months of the war in Afghanistan. When you think about what goes on in a theater of war, you’ll think of things […]

  • What OK Corral Gunfight taught Me

    Deadly-force Encounter Training Lessons through the Lens of Famous Old West clash. Story and Photos by Paul Pawela No other gunfight has received more attention in America than the one that happened in Tombstone, Arizona, on October 26, 1881, at 3 pm. And while the gunfight at the OK Corral took place 140 years ago […]

  • ADCO Aselkon IT1-G

    You may not be aware of this, but there are lots of shotguns coming out of Turkey. Some are high quality, and others are not. Many of the top shotgun manufacturers are having their premier shotguns made in Turkey. You may be spending a large sum of money for a particular brand that may be […]

  • Have Gun will Travel (part two)

    Shipping your Firearms out of state? Here’s a look at the options, from FFLs to the Post Office to UPS. Story and Photos by Nick Perna Last month I talked about transporting firearms while flying. This month I’m going to discuss the challenges of shipping firearms through the US Postal Service, as well as privately […]

  • AR Pistol Kits

    Here’s the AR Pistol Kit guide to get you started and help you build your ultimate AR/AK Pistol.