DL44 – Jerry Miculek Blasting Away

Did you know that the iconic DL-44 Blaster that was used by Harrison Ford alias ‘Han Solo’ in “Star Wars” can actually fire real bullets?
Legendary quick itching finger Jerry Miculek had a chance to blast one.
Watch Jerry takes this modified DL-44 Blaster for a run.
He goes thru what he calls the “Keso Run drill” where its all point shooting at close range at three different targets for inside the bar fight scenes. He nails 6 shots on all three targets in a little over 1 second. Don’t believe us take a look.

In the Star Wars world the DL-44 blaster pistol was used during the years of the Galatic Republic and the Age of the Empire.
Was considered one of the most powerful blaster pistols in the galaxy, delivering massive damage at close range.
The idea for the blaster originally came from the C96 “broom handle” Mauser firing the .30 Mauser/ 7.63X25 cartridge.
Engineers took the concept blaster from Star Wars built the add-ons to the the C96 chassis to make it a workable firearm.
-Flash Suppressor was from an MG-81 machine gun.
-Scope was a M19 optical sight from a Sherman tank

Did you see Jerry in the last drill where he unloads all six shots on one target in under a second?, 0.8 seconds – could be a world record.
If you ever get a chance to see a live demonstration of someone like Jerry that showcase their fast twitching shooting fingers, do so.
Seeing it on video is one thing, but man when you see it live, its hard to comprehend. Shooting at that high rate is hard for the eyes, brain and ears to register that quick.