• Best Budget AR-15 Lower Receivers

    With holidays coming and going, and with tax season beginning to loom near, budgets are all the rage! Theneed to budget has increased over the last few years, and budgeting does not exclude things like rifles, AR-15’s, or lower receivers. A lower receiver is the part of a gun that is considered a gun by […]

  • Pistol Shooting Drills

    Getting Proficient with a Pistol is tough, but armed with these Basics & Intermediate Drills ingrained into your Muscle Memory – You will be Awesome!

  • Lessons from Black Hawk Down

    Part I: Nine personal defense truths through the lens of the Battle of Mogadishu. Story and photos by Paul Pawela Editor’s note: As the 28th anniversary of the Battle of Mogadishu between US forces and Somali militiamen took place early last month, the author, having many close personal friends who fought in that engagement, sought […]

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  • Top Five Muzzle Devices for the AR-15

    The following article and photos is from the fine folks of Primary Arms Content Marketing Team. Whether you are shooting an AR-15 for practice, competition, or to test out a new upper receiver, amuzzle device is something you will want to add to your gear. Click here for more information Muzzledevices help solve three common […]

  • AR15 Reload: A Divine Explanation

    Considered the most simplified way to Reload the AR-15 & Release Bolt.

  • Lesser Known AR-15 Calibers

    The following article and photos is from the fine folks of Primary Arms Content Marketing Team The AR 15, first developed by Eugene Stoner over half a century ago, has become one of the most widelyadopted and successful firearms in modern history. Most of the time, we see it in its standardchambering, .223 or 5.56mm […]

  • AR Pistol Kits

    Here’s the AR Pistol Kit guide to get you started and help you build your ultimate AR/AK Pistol.

  • GUN REVIEW: Pyramyd Air’s S&W Model 586

    Air Plinker Extraordiniare Review and photographs by Pascal Pierme from Long ago I was looking for a gun. Not a real gun, but something I could use for target practice in my house or studio, and safely develop gun-handling skills. I am not a shooter by trade or hobby, but I wanted my new interest to […]

  • 73 Years, 4 Generations, 1 Iconic NW Outdoor Store

    Verle Schreiber’s business grew from the ground up. Literally. In 1948, he started out with ahearty supply of nightcrawlers plucked from the Colwood Golf Course in Portland to start Verle’sBait. Over the ensuing years, Verle added tackle, rods and reels, hunting and camping gear,outboard motors and boats to his offerings as his store continued to […]