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A while back Buzzfeed tried to shoot like John Wick – James Reeves of TFB gets a chance to see how if he can best Keanu Reeves – take a look!

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With the Predator, you can custom it to your liking or you can just get this at the bare minimum and still reach out & touch something at 1000 yard.

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Henry Repeating Arms is famous for its lever-action rifles, but thinks theres still a place for the pump action with its Pump Action rifle in .22LR.

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Shooting in terrible conditions is a nightmare that every hunter dreads. Those bold enough to continue regardless of conditions deserve recognition.

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A Look at the “Mythical Head Shot” that we all hear about in Sniping, GunFights and why Elite Military and Police train for the T-Box.

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Traditionally, able to take down target at 50-75 yards, current muzzleloaders can reach out at longer ranges.

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An Experienced bear hunter survives a Bear attack, but ended up with stitches out in the far northern Wisconsin over the weekend.

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