Henry Pump 22 Rifle

The pump action gun design is as American as it gets.
One of the most prolific was the old Winchester Model 1890 that came in various of .22 caliber rimfire chambers.
Once popularized in the shooting galleries and carnivals, the pump .22 has withered into the past.

In such a huge market of .22 rifles, Henry is famous for its lever-action rifles. But, Henry Repeating firearms still thinks theres still a place for the pump action with its Pump Action rifle in .22LR and .22 WMR.

At a quick glance if this pump action reminds you of the old gallery guns, you’re right. These Henry pump action are similar to the 1890 and 1906 Winchester.

Henry pump action holds 23 short rounds.
The Henry pump is also a great gun to get youngster into shooting.
They’re not very loud with zero kick.
The rifle has a dove tail cut into the receiver for possible scope mount.
The stock is a straight comb type.
With just iron sights at 35 yards its still very accurate, in the video Eric has a grouping of a grapefruit size.
The Henry Pump action S/L/LR is a perfect plinker or squirrel (small game) gun.

Henry .22 S/L/LR also has the option to shoot other types of 22 rounds such as:

  • auto match
  • Aguila Super Extra Velocity
  • 60 grain Sniper Subsonic
  • 20 grain Colibri – considered a “true gallery” load which is very light and not loud.
  • Standard 22 Velocity – 1070 fps

A Place for the Pump?
The Henry Pump is still a formidable piece of equipment that shoots well and looks great. When using the Colibri rounds, its a perfect choice for teaching young ones that are getting into shooting. These rounds provides no noise (hardly any) and no recoil, which is perfect for them to learn the fundamentals of shooting.
For plinking, it just looks pure fun.