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March 10th, 2020 by AmSJ Staff

It was in this room I learned many things. I learned to assemble cartridges, how to clean a rifle and the endless love of a grandfather to his grandson.

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March 3rd, 2020 by AmSJ Staff

The benefit of the piston-operated system versus the standard direct impingement (DI) system is that it keeps the action of the rifle cooler and cleaner.

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February 17th, 2020 by AmSJ Staff

The Pro’s and Con’s to Contracting Overseas – the best-paying jobs are in High-Threat environments such as Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria.

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October 24th, 2019 by AmSJ Staff

Despite its reputation as the old man in town, the .308 is the best all-purpose round available and can be found just about everywhere.

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October 10th, 2019 by AmSJ Staff

Tippman Armory found a way to build a Gatlin 9mm gun that takes Glock Mags & small enough to be on your coffee table or desk – a Real Attention-Getter.

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September 13th, 2019 by AmSJ Staff

Kentucky’s Centerfire Systems serves up bargains on guns, gear, surplus, ammo and so much more.

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August 22nd, 2019 by AmSJ Staff

The year is 1904 and from the inner workings of John Moses Browning’s, mind a cartridge emerged. It was the

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