Hammerless Revolvers

Gun sales nationwide has been on the downside lately. Self-defense however, is still a hot topic for many consumers.
Concealed carry firearms are still some of the most searched weapons on the Internet and hammerless revolvers are right up there near the top.
Some gun enthusiasts hate them and some love them for self-defense and the ease of use.
If personal protection and easy operation of the gun is what you’re into, having a revolver is a great option.
The small frame is ideal for concealed carry. They can be carried hidden in numerous ways on the body without any tell-tale sign.
Though popularity falls on the semi-automatic pistol side, the wheel gun does have its place.
The truth is having a gun is better than nothing in a real world life-or-death crisis.
A revolver in its simplest usage is just a simple point-and-shoot weapon with a very low failure rate.
It’s almost impossible to make one jam, and they come in a variety of size options.
Big gun manufacturers like Ruger, Smith & Wesson and Taurus make quality revolvers.
There are many options available such as chambering magnum rounds to adjustable trigger pulls.
So what is so special about a hammerless revolver?
Well, let’s check it out.

The Perfect Carry Gun
First thing is, the term hammerless does not mean there isn’t a hammer in the revolver. Instead, the hammer is just found inside the frame of the gun itself and inaccessible to the shooter.
This simple feature is what allows these double-action revolvers to be smoothly pulled out of a pocket or holster quickly.
No risk of snagging the hammer on a pocket, belt or coat.
The barrel length is also very small and snubby. This doesn’t mean these guns don’t pack a punch.
You can get hammerless revolvers in all your favorite calibers from .22 LR, to .38 Special, and all the way up to a .357 Magnum.
If you didn’t know, most pocket-carry guns aren’t meant to fire all day at the range.
Strictly designed for self-defense at close range.
Firing off a few quick shots is the goal. Firing at targets more than 10 yards down range is not practical for a close quarter encounter scenario.
Again, where the revolvers shine is the ease of use of these guns is what makes them such a choice for those who aren’t gun experts. Simply put in the ammo, point and then shoot. That’s all there is to it.

Options Available
There are many hammerless revolvers out on the market today that can make you salivate.
The only way to really find one for yourself is to go to a gun store, hold them, fire them and find the one that you’re comfortable with.
The prices vary, but affordable at around a couple hundred bucks.
Currently, the big dogs in the market are the Ruger and the Smith & Wesson but if you shop around you may find whats right for you.

Another thing to consider is how you would want to carry it.
Is it going in your pocket? Look at the smaller options
If you’re holstering it and you want some power, then go with the .357 Magnum.

In the end It’s all a preference on how you want to handle it. Regardless of your decision, sometimes the ease of use and peace of mind they provide far outweighs the price it may take to get one.