Best Muzzleloaders | Hunting

Muzzleloaders have come along way and there has been enormous improvements in muzzleloading technology. Traditionally, able to take down target at 50-75 yards, current muzzleloaders can reach out at longer ranges.
There’s mixture of sentiment as to which muzzleloader to go with.
Modern day hunters have the latest piece of weaponry with all the gizmo.
While some old school purist just want to use their old style muzzleloader.
There are some hunters that just want a reliable muzzleloader.

Whichever side you fall on there is something for everyone. Have a look at this best hunting muzzleloader list.

  • Traditions Redi-Pak

    This is the quick way to get into the field fast.
    Weighing in at just six pounds and sporting a 24-inch barrel, the Buckstalker is a lightweight rifle at home in a tree stand or slung on your shoulder during a hard hike. The rifle is equipped with the Accelerator Breech Plug, which is removed in just three turns—by hand. It can use both loose or pelletized powder. The Buckstalker’s Dual Safety System combines an internal hammer block and a trigger block safety for one of the safest guns on the market.
  • SilencerCo’s Maxim 50

    Silencerco loves to shake up things in the gun world.
    SilencerCo took a Traditions Vortex Strikerfire in-line muzzleloader, cut the barrel down to 20-inches, and welded a SilencerCo suppressor to the end of the barrel. And because it’s a muzzleloader, you don’t need a $200.00 tax stamp from the ATF to buy it.
    When loaded with the recommended 100-grains of powder, the Maxim 50 is rated at just under the 140-decibels threshold considered dangerous to hearing. I used the Maxim 50 at the range and during a hog hunt, and it was hearing safe without protection. The suppressor also contains much of the smoke blast, so you can actually see if you hit your target or not.
    Thats a plus when you’re shooting a muzzleloader.
    With the suppressor its front heavy, but its deadly accurate at 150 yard.
  • Remington Model 700 Ultimate Muzzleloader

    Considered one of the most advanced muzzleloaders available. Built on a standard Model 700 action, this baby is design with long range accuracy in mind. (300 yards)
    Uses a primed centerfire magnum rifle casing, thus results in a hotter and more direct spark. This efficiently use up to 200 grains of powder.
  • Lyman Great Plains Rifle

    This rifle is the opposite of the Remington Model 700 Ultimate Muzzleloader.
    You can get this in either a flintlock or percussion cap configuration, this is the perfect muzzleloader for a hunter who wants to relive his Daniel Boone persona.
  • Thompson/Center Encore Pro Hunter FX

    This muzzleloader is used by the infamous hunter Jim Shockey. Thompson/Center gets in its name in the muzzleloader industry as a very accurate, user-friendly ambidextrous, scope mount and rifle protected with a “weather shield” to fight corrosion.
  • CVA Optima

    The Optima is CVA’s mid-level muzzleloader and very well designed. Its user friendly gun, reliable, accurate, and reasonably priced.
  • This is just a small list, there may be others out there at a lower budget, let us know what you prefer below.