Wisconsin Man Survives Bear Attack

A Wisconsin bear hunter was attacked by a 357-pound black bear and miraculously survives the ordeal.
Tye Carlson is an experienced hunter with 40 years, he was surprise when he found himself getting mauled by the large bruin.

Carlson and his party were chasing the bear near Wascott, Wisconsin, when the bear got tired of being chased so it decided to stop and attack.
Unfortunately, Carlson was the nearest to the bear when it attacked.

Before Carlson knew it, the bear was on him.
“He popped out and he wasn’t going to stop,” he said. “He just ran me over and started biting on me,” he said.

A determined Bear
Carlson is a big man, he tried to push the bruin off.
The bear bit, clawed and pushed Carlson around effortlessly.
Carlson was able to use his gun to shoot the bear multiple times, but with no effect.
The bear was still attacking even when his party’s hunting dog arrived and engaged.
Finally, someone in his party was able to get a shot in that mortally wounded the bear.

“He was going down swinging, and that’s what he did. I got lucky. I got away with one. That’s what I did,” Carlson said.

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources checked the bear for rabies, with the exam coming back clean. As for Carlson, he lost a lot of blood and received several dozen stitches to close the wounds the bear inflicted.

Carlson doesn’t hold anything against the bear for mauling him.

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