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Settling the big handgun debate between the Browning Buckmark and the Ruger Mark Series.

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Having the ability to fire a 20-gauge or a .410 bore shot shell from a 12-Gauge would be Handy. Its the ideal prepper shotgun with such capability.

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The .22 WMR ammo still did what it was meant to do: drop small game and pests.

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See Youtuber 704 Tactical pits their working pre-owned Hi-Point C9 against a Mossberg 500 stoked with No. 8 birdshot.

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The Medusa Model 47 is capable of chambering and firing around 25 different calibers within the .38, 9mm and .357 family – Considered a Preppers Dream Gun!

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Catching up with Kay Miculek the better half of World Renowned Jerry Miculek clan.

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Amongst the Target Shooting category (pistol, rifle, shotgun) Pistol Shooting is the most popular form with 13.8 million shooting enthusiasts.

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