12 Gauge Adapters

Have you ever been out on a hunt and you had to shoot your 12-gauge on a small game up close? Unfortunately, your game wasn’t worth to keep due to being torn up to shreds.
The folks from Short Lane Gun Adapters noticed this concern among hunters and they have a solution. Short Lane have whats called the Stack-N-Pack adapters for the 12-gauge.
This applies to the hinge action shotgun (single shot or double barrel). Using a 12-gauge is an overkill for the small game at close range. Having the ability to fire a 20-gauge or a .410 bore shot shell would be a handy choice. Its the ideal prepper shotgun with such capability.
This Stack-N-Pack adapter will turn your 12-gauge into a flexible system.

Here’s another scenario to consider in a survival situation.
Ammunition will be scarce for the 12-gauge break action shotgun. If you happen to come across different calibers such as .410, 20-gauge shells, 22 long rifle, .45 Colt ammo or even a 9mm. You probably think you’re SOL (Sh&t out of Luck) with that 12-gauge.
Having a Stack-N-Pack kit in your bug out bag increases the capability and adaptability of your 12-gauge.
Ok, so all this sounds pretty good, but, how does it really perform?

There are many type of hinge action shotgun to choose from.
On this particular one that an editor tested out used an H&R Topper Model 88 in 12-gauge that shoots 3 inch magnums.
The availability of this shotgun can be found almost everywhere.
This shotgun is without any bells or whistles, keeping it very basic.

Here’s what the Stack-N-Pack consists of:
Has three chamber adapters that will drop into the 12 gauge shotgun chamber.
*It is important to note you can only use these in a break action type shotgun.

  • The first chamber adapter is for 12 gauge down to 20 gauge.
  • The second is 20 gauge down to .410 bore/ .45 Colt cartridges.
  • The third adapter is .410 bore/.45 Colt smooth bore shotgun down to smooth bore .22 Long Rifle caliber.
  • Its pretty cool the adapters are nested inside of each other for both storage and use. A small rod serves as an ejector that sits inside the .22 Long Rifle adapter and is all housed in a rubber o-ringed plastic twist top polymer case. These adapters are stackable & packable to your liking for easy storage.
    .22 LR
    The first caliber to test was the .22LR. The .22 Long Rifle ammunition used was Federal bulk pack 36 grain hollow points. With all inserts nested together, and adjusted the .22 Long Rifle chamber to the 12 o’clock position.
    The first shot was taken at 12 yards away but hit the target low.
    Making a quick adjustments the adapter was rotated to the 6 o’clock position. That worked great.
    Only using just the shotgun bead sight and the rough shotgun trigger, the five shots grouped at two inches.
    This was a raised eyebrows moment because there was no accuracy rifling at work, just a smooth bore insert. Making the quick adjustment was quite simple.
    Some people had mentioned about the tumbling on the .22.
    To see the lethality of it, you would need to shoot at a thick catalog book or a ballistic gel. They went with the catalog book. (available)
    The bullets did tumble, but also did something unique. The projectiles turned sideways and continued to blast all the way through the book. Means it still carried a good amount of energy.
    It’s fair to say that round would certainly be deadly at the sort of short distances it’s intended for. The 22LR adapter has its place in the survivalist’s bag of tricks, to say the least.

    .410 Bore/.45 Colt
    The next adapter was the .410 bore/.45 Colt insert.
    They used the Remington Express Long Range 3″ Magnum loads in #6 at 12 yards.
    At this close range its definitely an overkill for a rabbit.
    Short Lane Chamber Adapters would help get the job done using the old small bore shotgun load.
    While the short range target had plenty of shot, one would wonder about the power and penetration performance.
    At the same 12 yards, they fired into that 700-page catalog again. The #6 lead was stopped at page 98.
    The force of the impacts also left dent impressions into a few of the following pages.
    If you were hunting small game, the #6 lead pellets proved to have enough power in this test.

    20 Gauge
    Finally 20 gauge insert, they used a Federal 2.75″, 7/8 ounce, #7.5 lead shot loads.
    Target was shot from 15 yards. The shot covered the target, proving its ability to catch any small game critter in a lead storm.

    From the looks of it and testimonies – all cartridges and shotshells that were fired using the Short Lane Gun Adapters Stack-N-Pack went off without any problems.
    Each hit of the firing pin was right on target.
    To be honest, I first thought that the patterns of the shot loads would be subpar when the shot flew through a larger barrel than it was originally intended for.
    Surprisingly, it did not become an apparent problem at all. The groups were certainly compatible with what you’d expect from a small game gun.
    The shotshells extracted easily with a simple push of the finger, but the .22 Long Rifle adapter required the use of the supplied ejecting rod.

    If you’re a prepper this Stack-n-Pack kit is worth having. Just the thought of having to shoot the different calibers from the 12-gauge is a very attractive thought. Could be very functional.
    If you’re a hunter or maybe a recreational shooter. Stack-N-Pack has its place as well, most definitely in the fun category for the recreational shooter.
    Having these adapters while hunting small game when the situation arises is very helpful.
    Again overall, it seems like a very easy kit to play with and they are just flat out fun to shoot.
    Anyone play with these?, Let us know below with your experiences.