Browning Buckmark vs Ruger Mark Series Pistols

Are you into plinking? Then, you may have heard of or own one of these guns – the Browning Buckmark and the Ruger Mark series pistols.
Both of these 22LR pistols are top quality for plinking or just shooting at small varmints.
Many plinkers debate on which is the better of the two.
Here are some quick observation on both pistols.
They both are one of the most accurate pistol on the market.
Both are design specifically for accuracy.
Both design features are similar but there are still differences in other ways. The pricing on both are similar.

Browning Buckmark

The Browning Buck Mark is a semi-automatic pistol, which has been around since 1985 and has a crisp single action trigger.
Its made from T6 aluminium alloy.
Comes with adjustable sights.
Has ten-rounds magazines.
Assemble and disasemble of the Browning Buckmark is much easier than the early version of Ruger Series (before the Mk IV)
This may be an issue presently in whether to go with the Browning Buckmark.

Ruger Mark Series

The Ruger has been around since 1949 also has a crisp single action trigger.
It is made from steel or polymer depending on which series.
Has adjustable sights.
Has ten-rounds magazines.
Ruger offers lots of aftermarket parts.
For the long of time before the Ruger Mark IV, it was horrendous to assemble the pistol back together.
Ruger definetly listened to their customers as they made the huge change for the Mark IV. The disassemble is similar to taking the AR platform apart.

Running the Pistols
According to this user, the first trial was with guns that were poorly maintained which resulted in a poor experience. (too many jams)
The second time around was with better lubricated pistols, it worked like a charm.
So with this take from both views of these 22LR pistols, the assembly and disassembly may be the deciding factor for you.
Ruger Mark IV has become the winner for many plinkers.
What about you all?, Do you own one of these pistols let us know below.