Hi-Point C9 Takes a Licking from 12 Gauge

[su_heading size=”30″]And keeps on Ticking![/su_heading]

A $75 pawnshop find proved to be pretty hard to kill, despite some 12 gauge stippling.
In the above, the Youtuber 704 Tactical channel pits their working pre-owned Hi-Point C9 9mm semi-auto — which they picked up to work on slide cuts, coatings, and basic gunsmithing.
All internal parts replaced by their friendly neighborhood Hi-Point, C9 was then pitted against a Mossberg 500 stoked with No. 8 birdshot.
The idea came from Youtuber Edwin Sarkissian where he dropped a Hi-Point C9 from a helicopter and the C9 still ran.
On this first test the C9 got peppered, losing sights, grips, and trigger, most of the damage turns out to be cosmetic.

If the trigger hadn’t been damaged, the C9 may would probably still function.
Adding a new trigger and linkage from Hi-Point (which was covered by the company’s almost insane lifetime warranty!), he gives it another go below.
Can you believe that Hi-Point sent him new parts?
In the second segment below Youtuber 704 Tactical shoots the C9 again with the Mossberg 12 gauge.
This time the trigger survives along with other internal parts.
The C9 runs! Its amazing!