Target Shooting is Huge for U.S. Economy

Here are some facts from the gun industry in the U.S.
One would think that most of the consumer that drives our economy would be the outdoorsman, the group thats into hunting. Well, according to National Shooting Sports Foundation target shooting is what is driving the $16.9 billion dollar per year.

Another way to view this is that 20 million Americans enjoy target shooting every weekend. When yo break this down on a per day basis, its $46 million dollars to the U.S. economy.
Research from NSSF also say that 329 thousand jobs are supported by the target shooting industry.
-Amongst the target shooting category (pistol, rifle, shotgun) pistol shooting is the most popular form of target shooting with 13.8 million shooting enthusiasts.
-Rifle target shooters comes in second, 12% less with 12.2 million plinkers.
-Shotgun blasters were third representing at 10 million users.
-Muzzle loaders showed strong at 3.3 million.

Firearms Excise Taxes Support Conservation
Target shooting activities not only support local and national business, but the transactions generate vital revenues for federal, state, and local governments. In fact, target shooting generates, on average, over $14 million dollars per day in total tax revenues (i.e. federal, state, and local). Excise taxes on gun and ammo sales are also key to conservation. 2016, the total excise taxes returned to state wildlife agencies through fireams and ammunition sales totaled over $780 million.

See the complete NSSF report here.