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Surefire has released upgraded models of the Ultra Scout Lightâ„¢ models. Now upgraded to 500 lumens, both lightweight weaponlights retain

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The STG-44 (Sturmgewehr 44, means “storm (or assault) rifle (model of 19)44” was an assault rifle developed in Nazi Germany

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Here are some quick tips on firearms training techniques that you can use to get your mind and body ready

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A Danish company called “Create It Real” has built a software package that recognizes digital gun part models and prevents

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When out in the field, imagine having the confidence to quickly and accurately determine what land is public versus private.

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There are many different ways to carry your folded knife or a fixed blade. For utility purpose this can be

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The Winchester’s big lever action, known as the Models 1887 and 1901 and chambered in both 10 gauge and 12

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