Hunting GPS Maps for 2013


When out in the field, imagine having the confidence to quickly and accurately determine what land is public versus private. Remember scouting for deer and wondering who owned that perfect woodlot? How about watching geese pile into a field and wanting to know whose land is it? All of this is possible with a map from Hunting GPS Maps.

Hunting GPS Maps is proud to announce the release of several new maps and features for 2013. The Missoula, Montana-based company, which has become the gold standard for landownership maps in Western states is moving east. New states for 2013 will include Minnesota, Ohio, Indiana, Texas, and several other states may become available as well. These easy to use digital PLAT maps for GPS and computer use have revolutionized the way sportsmen access and utilize public and private land.

These maps are loaded with data including, public lands, private landowner names and parcel boundaries, 24K topo, roads, trails, hunting unit boundaries, geographic features, and state-specific access programs such as private lands open for hunting.
Compatible with most Garmin GPS units, this mapping system allows you to discover new hunting opportunities that most people might overlook. Use the PLAT data to easily contact landowners directly for permission to hunt. Another new feature for 2013 is the ability to view the map on your computer. If you’re interested in doing advanced scouting from home, simply plug the chip into your PC or Mac to view the map on a large screen. Now you can plan for a hunt by creating tracks and waypoints while you scout from the comfort of home.

Hunting GPS Maps is also developing several mapping apps for smart phones and paper maps using our database to provide customers another avenue to get the most current data possible for hunting.

Maps are updated at least once a year to make sure that you have the most current information available. For more information, visit for product info, ordering, tutorials, and videos on advanced GPS and mapping tips and techniques.

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