Controlling the Flinch Part 2


This is the second part to controlling your flinch while shooting your pistol, in the first segment of “The Shooting Flinch” we talked about how this is applied to rifle shooting.

Many shooters anticipate the sound and feeling of recoil just before they shoot their handgun, resulting in a “flinch” that adversely affects their precision.

In this demonstration, you’ll learn a couple of ways to control your body’s natural flinch reaction when you fire your weapon. Flinching is common for all shooters, and can occur in three different ways:

  • pushing
  • twitching
  • pulling down

Our host explains the four stages of a trigger pull, and gives you exercises you can use to slow down when you fire your weapon. With these techniques, you will be able to calm your mind so that you can better control your trigger pull and reduce flinching.

  • Forward
  • Slack
  • Pull to the rear (press)
  • Reset

Going Beyond
To recap, go through this exercise progressively from slow to fast that you can shoot accurately. Once you’ve reached a high level of proficiency from a stationary position. It’s time to apply this while you’re in motion.

Start by walking towards a target from 5 yards and apply the exercise. Next move diagonally away from the target. So the progression is from slow to fast and from 5 yards to 10 yards. Applying this drill into your shooting can surely increase your confidence and pistol shooting skill.


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