New 3D Print Software Stops You From Printing A Gun

firearms_detectedA Danish company called “Create It Real” has built a software package that recognizes digital gun part models and prevents them from being printed. The software compares each piece you are attempting to print with a database of potential firearm parts and, the company notes, “for safety reasons, there are no models of firearms stored on the user’s computer but rather a list of characteristics.”

The CEO, Jeremie Pierre Gay, has created a proof-of-concept add-on to his turnkey, OEM 3D printing software that he is using to offering to other firms who would like to brand and sell a 3D desktop printer. “It will be possible make it as a service or integrate into another platform,” he said.

The program shuts down the modeling software if it senses that the user is trying to print a gun. Presumably this functionality can be shut down by the user and similar prohibitions – the algorithms that prevent the printing of “currency” in Photoshop – are often easily avoided. In short, Gay’s creation reduces liability for the printer manufacturer.

Source:John Biggs – TechCrunch

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