Folding Knives – Best Carry Position

There are many different ways to carry your folded knife or a fixed blade. For utility purpose this can be carried anywhere for convenience. In this segment we will address the folding knife carry position for defensive purpose, in case you need to draw for protection.

Open Assisted Knife
The market for folding knives is humongous, choosing one can be a challenge. Some of the top brands are Gerber, SOG, Kershaw, Bokker and the list goes on. The next best thing from having a switchblade is to have an assisted open knife. This type of knife only requires the user to partially open it with a flipper or thumbstud once open partially the spring loaded mechanism opens the knife the rest of the way.

The carry clip needs to be at the grip end not at the top end. (see upper image) This position is ideal for the hand to grip the handle and as you pull out of the carry position. The blade can be access for opening.
Center Line Carry
Now armed with a functional assisted open knife, the best place to carry your knife is at the center or near your belly button. The term “center line carry” is coined due to its tactical location and economy of motion for accessibility. At this center line location the tactical knife can be drawn with either hand. This can be worn in concealment or open carry for LEO’s or private citizen.

Drawing the knife out will be quick and efficient for any emergency or defensive situation. Such as if in a weapon retention situation when someone is reaching for your holstered handgun, drawing the knife can be a last resort to deter your attacker. Last tip, with every perishable skill that you learn, to become proficient in drawing your knife while under stress requires practice.

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