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Appendix Carry, The advantages are many: fast, intuitive, and easy to draw from nearly any body position; provides excellent retention and comfort.

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The best action movies tend to be the ones where we get a little substance to go along with the shooting; a little banter along with the battles.

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There are groups of gun enthusiasts that love to appendix carry while another group of shooters thinks its a safety

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Now that you have your Concealed Carry Permit, here are some things that you shouldn’t do while Concealed Carrying – Take a look….

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Here’s a list of the Most Accurate 9mm Pistol out of the Box without any Customization they are Dead on!

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Wyatt Earp Lessons on Gunfighting .. One of his most famous quotes is “Fast is fine, But accuracy is final. You must learn to be slow in a hurry.”

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A better question is: “how many rounds do I need in my Concealed Carry?”. Setting aside IF you’ll need it, here are some interesting data to ponder over.

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