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When the US Army needed handguns for World War I, Colt and S&W responded with the ‘perfection’ of the double-action military revolver.

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Dressed up in safety gear #Iraqveteran8888 and his team are ready to see how long and how hot this 22LR machine gun can Run.

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Here’s how BB guns came to be a favorite Christmas present for youngsters, and a whole lot more.

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DIY Basement-Gunsmiths try to make their own for various reasons. These homemade guns sadly missed the mark completely.

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No matter what the reasons were when these Firearms were created, these are some of the Ugliest Guns of the Past.

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If you’re a female or carry a Purse, have a look at some of these EDC things that you should have in your Purse or Man Bag.

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Grab a measuring tape and reintroduce yourself to your home. What is the shortest, average and longest distance from which an intruder could attack you?

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