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In the world of night vision, most people use some sort of aiming device. While you can use a red

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You have to hand it to Ruger – over the past few years the Newport, New Hampshire headquartered firearms manufacturer

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Are you into hunting and like going after both the big game and small ones with one or two guns?
If you’re the practical person that would rather spend time on hunting time vs buying a new hunting gun. Have a look at this list.

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Splitting a bullet with an axe blade by shooting at it usually ends up cutting the bullet in half if successful.
Youtuber Slow Mo Guys split it into 4 pieces.

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The Little Badger’s overall design principal is minimalistic. The Chiappa engineers gave the little gun everything it needs but resisted the temptation to load it down with things it didn’t. This survival rifle is mechanically simple.

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For U.S. hunters in Germany, the process of obtaining a hunting license outside the U.S. is more a rite of passage into this hunting tradition and rituals that dates back to the medieval times.

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So how low in caliber should one go before your personal defense firearm is too light? Would you carry a .22 Shorty or a Knife?

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