Guy Whacks fish with Gun

then Gets shot in the Junk
Ever see a guy try to smack a fish with a loaded gun?
You have to visualize this, he’s holding the gun by the barrel and trying to smack a fish with the buttstock of a rifle. Yes, its loaded.
Not exactly the smartest fellow here.
From a gun safety rule: don’t point any kind of gun at yourself or this might happen.
Not sure if this was a BB gun or an airsoft gun, lets hope for his sake its not a real firearm.
Anyways for the entertainment, here’s how to lose something precious.
Yeh, like you never saw that coming?
Right off the bat, you could tell this was piss poor judgement on this guy’s part.

So, do you think that was an air rifle or a small-caliber firearm? Please don’t do this at home. Always practice gun safety!