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The Virginian was a Western TV show that ran from 1962 to 1971. It was based on the 1902 Owen Wister novel, “The Virginian, A Horseman of the Plains.” The star was the foreman of the Shiloh Ranch, played by James Drury. He was known only as The Virginian, the man with no name.

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Ever see a guy try to smack a fish with a loaded gun?
You have to visualize this, he’s holding the gun by the barrel and trying to smack a fish with the buttstock of a rifle. Yes, its loaded.

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This gruesome hunting accident might leave you with nightmares. Hoping for a speedy recovery for this gentleman.

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Make no mistake this is not a gun for CCW its built to be worn on the outside.
Which makes this the ideal blaster to carry for the outdoors.

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Expand Your Mind, Extend Your Range Learning about shooting disciplines should always be an ongoing experience.  Even those of us with hundreds

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Trail Blazer Firearms from Ashville, NC sells a tiny single-shot .22 LR pistol that is the size no bigger than a stack of credit cards.

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The Swiss Arms SG 553 RP 4K Rifle features the ability to take AK-47 magazines and 7.62x39mm cartridges currently deployed with certain tac units overseas. The adjustable gas system allows the user to run at a level that works best for them.

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