Horrific Hunting Accident

Hunting accidents happens all the time, but this has gotta be the most painful to come across the internet.
Most folks don’t realize many things can go wrong when hunting and these are not just your minor cuts.

This is what happened to this fellow hunter.
He suffered a hunting related-accident which the doctor had to amputate his thumb.

For privacy reason the hunter name is unknown.
As the hunting story goes while muzzleloader hunting deep inside the mountains of Virginia, a coyote displayed itself a shot to the hunter.
Obviously, this hunter took the shot.
Unfortunately, the barrel exploded on his Savage 10ML II muzzleloader and severely damage his hand.

There are a couple of reasons that the gun experts think is the cause.
First it can be just a simple barrel malfunction or it can be a double load.
For the sake of sticking to the facts, we are not saying it is either one of those scenarios.

As always everyone be safe out there when hunting.
Hopefully, your hunting endeavors are injury free and have fun.

What is the worst hunting-related accident you have ever seen?, Let us know below.