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[su_heading size=”30″]Want to turn heads at the Range?[/su_heading] Have you ever thought of building a good-looking AR with a bad

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[su_heading size=”30″]This simple test displays the devastating power of the S&W 500.[/su_heading] The Smith & Wesson 500 is well known

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In this segment of NRATV, Colin Noir and Travis Haley of Haley Strategic are discussing the subject of “teaching gun

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[su_heading size=”30″]Lyman has reintroduced their popular #2 for the Uberti 1873 and other lever-actions.[/su_heading] STORY AND PHOTOS BY MIKE NESBITT

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[su_heading size=”30″]Captured ISIS Homebrew .50 Cal Rifle waiting to go Kaboom[/su_heading] Jake Hamby a former Combat Camera dude/Aspiring Filmaker/Duel-Sport Enthusisast”

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[su_heading size=”30″]The Debate goes on between these Two Famous Guns[/su_heading] The folks from AK47 Local Union did a live-fire barrel

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These vintage gun ads will have you Rolling on the Floor and show you just how much the world has

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