Dead set on Melting a Silencer

[su_heading size=”30″]Silencer’s has become a hot Commodity[/su_heading]

in the shooting and hunting community. It has gone so hot that a few people hve gone out of the way to attempt to melt a silencer from excessive rounds, then shooting a disintegrating round into a target from two feet away. But, have you ever seen one take so many rounds it melted?

Watch this video from OfftheRanch as these guys shoot enormous amount of ammunition in an attempt to melt a silencer. See the suppressor glow like a light bulb ornament on a Christmas tree.

The next part puts the icing on the cake, we see a round shot off at close distance (2 feet) at a steel target with no ricochets. Skip to 4:00 to see the action in video.

Its amazing to see how hot the silencer got, but yes, this can get quite expensive to do, silencers aren’t cheap.

And, how about those disintegrating rounds, and the brave guinea pigs who stood close to show their effectiveness? So much in one video. Have you ever melted anything on a gun?

Source: OffTheRanch Youtube, Colton Bailey

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