Swirl Painting your AR

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Have you ever thought of building a good-looking AR with a bad ass paint job, like pimping your car. Unfortunately, high-end paint jobs aren’t cheap and can take a couple months to complete. So why not learn to swirl paint your AR which can be done within minutes and it will save you hundreds of dollars by doing it yourself.

Take a look at this Youtuber haveyouseen89 pimping his AR and has offers some tips to get this done right.

Tips for Swirl Painting
One thing to note from Youtuber haveyouseen89 they state you should keep your rifle completely clean and degreased. The oils and solvents would prevent the paint from adhering correctly, the end result would not be a clean look.

Use a bin that is larger than the gun that you’ll be dipping. When you place the gun into the water at an angle, be sure to leave enough room so that you’re able to dip the whole gun in one dipping.

Video Transcription

[Cameraman] I’m recording?

[Off-camera] Yup. Here.

[Cameraman] Ok. Alright. The water’s at 75 degrees, you’ve got about two and a half cups of borax, and almost forty gallons of water.

[Off-camera] Yep.

[Cameraman] And the water’s at seventy-five degrees, and Nat are you ready to pour in your model paint?

[Nat] Just about as soon as it settles-

[Cameraman] Settles out, gets less turbulent.

[Nat] And what we’re painting, is the competition gun.

[Cameraman] Cool.

[Nat] Aeropressures (?) and upper and lower, Odin Works handguard, did a base coat of Duracoat number one-forty-five.

[Cameraman] Sweet.

[Nat] Furious Mike, is what they call it. Which is kinda fitting.

[Cameraman] I got you.

[Nat] Let’s see… Should be good. Let me grab something. Grab a stir-stick. Did you see how it disperses? It’ll show up better when I do the red, then you’ll actually see little bits of remnant oil build-up on the edge of the water, so you gotta get rid of that.

[Cameraman] I see.

[Nat] Here’s the part where you reaaally see it.

[Cameraman] Yeah. Oh yeah! That shows up well.

[Nat] Let that disperse a little bit. Oh! Doesn’t help when you’re dripping sweat into it.


[Cameraman] Gotta take a sec, get a rag and wipe, man. Wipe it off if you can. I know you wanna.

[Nat] Nah, it’s good.

[Cameraman] M’kay.

[Nat] Shake the sweat off. Drag some of that black that got pushed off the edge.

[Cameraman] I got you.

[Nat] Alright.

[Cameraman] M’kay.

[Nat] Here’s the fun part.

[Cameraman] Alright.

[Nat] It’s always so nerve-racking.

[Cameraman] Alright, here goes the gun.

[Nat] Alright.

[Cameraman] Ready?

[Nat] Yep! You can be kinda rough with it. Just tryin’ ta…

[Cameraman] M’kay.

[Nat] Mostly just tryin’ to diffuse the paint real thin. Oooh I can already see it! That’s lookin’ good!

[Cameraman] Oh yeah!

[Nat] Right over here near my left arm. That right there. [Loud blowing to move ink] Alright, out we go.

[Cameraman] Alright. We’re up.

[Nat] Oh wow. And the beautiful thing about this painting method: It dries almost instantly. Ooh, it took into the rails way better than I thought it would!

[Cameraman] Dude, that’s lookin’ sweet! Sick!

[Nat] Now I wanna see somebody else have a competition gun like THIS. This is unique now. Nobody else has this.

[Cameraman] No doubt! No doubt! There’s no mistaking this weapon for someone else’s.

[Nat] Yeah. And this is not hydro-dipped. This is paint.

[Cameraman] Oh yeah.

[Nat] So.

[Cameraman] Oil-based, right?

[Nat] Yeah, it’s an oil-based– it’s a Testors Model Paint. That turned out really good, I’m happy with that. So this one’s actually gonna have a 18-inch medium-profile fluted barrel, the rifle length gas system, A uh- it’s got the Odin Works hand guard, it’s also gonna have the Odin Works adjustable gas block, uh, nickle boron bolt carrier, Hyperfire 24c trigger, the two-to-four pound trigger, um, haven’t decided on optic, I know I’m gonna go a– like a one-to-four, one-to-six, uh, what else? Standard parts kit, Strike Industries charging handle, if y’all haven’t seen the Strike Industries charging handle, check it out, because it is smooth, it’s like it’s on ball-bearings.

[Cameraman] What about a stock?

[Nat] uh, I’m runnin’ a modified Magpull CTR, skeletonized, and also a Magpull MOE Grip that’s been skeletonized. That should do it! Air position, upper, lower, works, and thank you Odin Works for having awesome products and good customer service! It made it really easy to get this stuff, and uh, most of this stuff was supplied by Area51 Tactical in Dothan Alabama, we offer Duracoat, and if you so desire, I can swirl a gun for you. There’s gonna be a matte clearcoat of Duracoat going on this after. So if you have any questions, look up Area51Tactical.com, and check out Odin Works.

[Cameraman] That’s it?

[Nat] Yep, that’s it.

[Cameraman] [Muttering about the stop button]

[Nat] Set the phone down there

Source: haveyouseenhim89 Youtube, Mike Reeber

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