Flintstone Homebrew .50 Cal Sniper Rifle

[su_heading size=”30″]Captured ISIS Homebrew .50 Cal Rifle waiting to go Kaboom[/su_heading]

Jake Hamby a former Combat Camera dude/Aspiring Filmaker/Duel-Sport Enthusisast” working near Bashiqa, Iraq came across a captured ISIS .50 cal rifle.

According to Hamby the gun was captured by Peshmerga forces while fighting against ISIS, located near the Mosul district of northern part of Iraq. This flintstone rifle was recovered by the Free Burma Ranger team. Viewing this rifle, its obviously a DIY .50 cal used for “sniping“.

Hamby noted in his Instagram “the rifle possibly weighs about 25-30 pounds and not flimsy.” However, another Instagram user commented “blueoval56: Looks like a face explosion waiting to happen.”

Here’s the conversation on Facebook:

Sources: roguecomcam Instagram, MrGunsgear Facebook, Chris Eger
Photos by Jake Hanby

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