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Just had to share these GORGEOUS custom-made leather holsters from Oregon.  They come in all kinds of designs and colors.

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Vertex Tactical Aviation hailing from Houston, TX provides the ever popular Heli Hunting, Heli Hog Hunting and Tactical Night Hog

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Choosing a practical shotgun for home defense can be a matter of opinion. Some may say that the 30″ barrel

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Note: Guns of our Fathers is a regular monthly feature in the print edition of Western Shooting Journal. If you

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Here are the dates for instructor training course hosted by The Well Armed Woman. Courses are conducted by NRA certified

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The 2011 NYPD Annual Firearms Discharge Report drives a stake through the mantra of “true believer” sight shooters that shots

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Why be like everyone else and put regular old stickers of family figures on the back of your car? Sticker-ups.com

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