Home Defense Shotgun Tactics 2

shotgun2With the popularity of AR’s and AK’s in the gun community. Some old timers are still relying on that duck gun. With the scarce availability of .223 ammo there may be more of XX buck available.

The Shotgun is not as popular as the AR, but it may be a better choice for home defense and much cheaper than an AR. A shotgun is more versatile than the AR with a change of the barrel you can shoot down deer, to pheasant buster to mastering the clays. Can shoot any type of loads, light to heavy.

Shotguns has stopping power and intimidation, this can usually stop the threat. Its ability to spread lead on target will help you get on target during stressful situation.

targetFor example, one buck XX will get 9 pellets on target. The spread gives you more area to damage and injure vs a single .223 round from an AR. At ten yards one shot will have a group of pellets about a hand size.

Next time when you’re out on the range go through some practical shooting from 10 to 15 yards shooting from barricade to simulate shooting from a door entrance or hallways. Practice peeping out and fire in under 1 second and multiple rounds. Even shoot from kneeling to side prone for that shot from the corner of your kitchen cabinet at ground level. Since this is defensive shooting in nature concentrate on speed shooting and practice your reloading.


Are you still stuck on the AR look, maybe you should be pimping that shotgun to feed your need.

Written by J Hines

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