Sig P365 vs Hellcat

Micro 9’s Showdown at the Performance Level

The Sig P365 and the Hellcat pistols are considered to be two of the most popular micro 9mm (pocket pistols) out on the market. Youtuber Ian and Karl of In Range demonstrates this comparison.

The purpose of this is to see and feel how both of these guns shoot. They are looking at it from a performance level but nothing too technical and this is not a valid way to test a handgun. This is just heresy from two people with differing skill level.
The only differences between the two pistol is that the Hellcat has a Red Dot attached for sighting. If this is better to have than iron sights, that is to be debated at another time.

This test involves two targets which must be hit twice per target at the 10 yards and 15 yards. This is a time event which has the shooter holding their pistols at the low ready position and commence firing at the sound of the buzz. There is no time from the 25 yard, shooter have 10 rounds to see how many they get on target.

10 Yard

Both shooters average times were faster with the Hellcat.

15 Yard

25 Yards

Hellcat won at the 10 yard close range. At 15 yards the P365 seems to be better without a Red Dot. Ian is definitely the long range marksman, where Karl is the faster shooter at closer range. Having the red dot seems to be a plus when getting on target.

Both guns run really well. At the 15 yards the P365 won. Both shooters have a different makeup, one has more aptitude for precision shooting than the other.

Ian prefers the Sig P365 trigger being much cleaner, while the Hellcat trigger was more stiff. The reset may have been better on the P365 than the Hellcat. (both shooters agreed on this)

Karl prefers the Hellcat, even though its considered a copycat of the P365. Incorporating the Red Dot is a huge plus not only for close range quick target acquisition but if needed to sighting a target 25 yards also helps having. Having an extra round may be just a cool feeling that you have one more round. The grip texturing feels more sticky, so much better than holding the P365.

Here’s Youtuber ClassicFirearms take on running both and their opinion. No testing here just a shoot it and how it feels. The only testing is with a timer with a low ready position and engaging the target with rapid fire. You can skip to 10:38 in the video to see them run it out on the range.

Here’s another impression from editor Travis Pike of GunMag Warehouse on running it.
He states both guns are comfortable to shoot. Recoils aren’t slappy or any slide issues. Recoil and muzzle flip for the Sig P365 seems less than the Hellcat. Hellcat recoil was more snappier and slower to get back on target. Trigger pull seems more smoother with the Sig than Hellcat. However, Hellcat trigger was nice and short just stiffer.

Shooting the Hellcat

Shooting the P365

The choice is yours, just get one and shoot it to see how it feels.

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