Is this .25 ACP Mouse Gun enough for Personal Defense?

These days most concealed carriers refer to smaller handguns less than a .45 caliber as “mouse guns.” We’re talking about the Browning .25 ACP.
Yes, its is considered an antique self-defense gun from the early 20th century, some would say it was a fad that never faded. Most people that do have these .25’s are collectors and a small minority that actually have this as a backup.(ankle or throwaway guns)
But is it a reliable self-defense gun? Nowadays thanks to smart gun folks have put this caliber to the test against gel. The ideal penetration is “twelve inches” according to FBI protocol. Here’s Youtuber mark3smle tackling this question of whether or not the .25 ACP is reliable for self-defense.

Yes this little piece is the ideal size for concealed and lightweight, but not quite the caliber to have to stop someone in its track.
This is a last resort to have as a backup.
What do you all think?

Sources: mark3smle Youtube

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