Pocket Pistol

Top 5 Pocket Pistols for Concealed Carry

Looking to carry a pocket pistol? You need to check out these guns.
A lot can be said for a gun that is concealable enough to pocket carry and go largely unnoticed. Most of the pistols on this list are very small, you wouldn’t be able to see them even if you knew where to look.

As far as stopping power, for this size, you have to have the mindset that having something is better than nothing. However, this “something” still offer lot of firepower but not a mini-cannon. If you’re not into small guns, these probably won’t do it for you. But if you’re the last boy scout then these are pretty cool as a backup to the backup. (Be Prepare)
Here’s our list for top 5 pocket pistols for concealed carry:


  1. Smith and Wesson .380 Bodyguard
    Let’s begin with the best selling pocket carry pistols out there. Smith and Wesson is the big player here. They really did it right when they made this weapon. All people love this gun. It’s so small it can literally go anywhere totally unnoticed in a pocket.
    This is perfect to carry when packing light.

  1. Glock 42
    Glock is synonymous with quality, reliability, and great shooting handguns and its not just for law enforcement. With that in mind comes the Glock 42. It’s flat out the pocket carry self defense pistol of choice for many Americans. Many people love the stopping power of a .308, and it holds six plus one. The slide locks back after the last shot is fired as well. At less than an inch wide but six inches long, it’s not too different from most mobile devices these days, in terms of concealability.

  1. Smith and Wesson BodyGuard 38 Revolver
    You can call this pocket carry gun one of the most reliable subcompact weapons out there. At only a five shot, it does offer slightly more punch in the 38 special round. The ease of use is that easy. As a such a subcompact revolver, this is a straight self-defense close-range weapon.
    It’s a Smith and Wesson. The brand speaks for itself.

  1. Sig Sauer P238
    If you’re a 1911 fan but need one in a compact size, this is it. Coming in as one of the overall smaller guns on the list, the P238 also carries seven plus one. Following the trend, it’s also another .380. At only five and half inches in overall length, this would look like a mid-sized smartphone while holstered in your pocket.

Gotta love this gun for its incredible low price of just over $300 and also chambered in a 9mm, the CPX-1 or the CPX-2 are both great options. Seeing as both of these weapons are chambered in 9mm, this is a plus for EDC. SCCY also offers a lifetime warranty on their guns. At just over five and half inches long and 15 ounces, it’s easy to forget this is in your pocket.

If you are in the market for a new carry pistol so small it fits in your pocket, choosing any of the five above would make you very happy. If you are still looking for more of a punch, you may have to seek out something bigger. With smaller sizes come smaller chambers; that’s the facts in the gun world. So remember, in an emergency, having an equalizer is always better than nothing.
What pocket pistols do you favor?