Heizer Defense Pocket Shotgun

Do you remember the “Liberator” pistol? Its chambers a crude single-shot .45 ACP used during World War II. The gun was intended to be used among allied resistance fighters in occupied territories. Its small and easily concealed.
When Heizer Defense came out with its pocket pistol, I wondered if they were inspired by the Liberator. HD took the pocket pistol concept further by injecting it with a shotshell. Originally, it chambered a .45 Colt round and a .410 shotshell.
HD went on to modularize it so it can fire a .223 Remington and 7.62x39mm via barrel assemblies. Yes, you can change barrels and calibers quickly.

-This single-shot .410 handgun is simple and robust which features a break-open design with a stainless steel or titanium finish. This gun will last several lifetimes.
-One thing that stands out is the exaggerated pistol butt, design to lock the gun into the shooter’s hand. Combined with the low bore axis which makes the gun tolerable when shooting the shotshell or 7.62x39mm rounds.

-The ambidextrous, spring-loaded barrel latch pushes forward to release the barrel’s lower lug, this allows the barrel to pop up whicle under spring pressure. The extractor will pull the empty round partially from the chamber but does not eject it.
-The trigger is a long 13 pound pull.
-Changing the barrel is a breeze, push forward on the barrel latch and allow the barrel assembly to tip up. Then push out the pin, which the barrel pivots on, at the front of the frame. Push it out from left to right. Once the pin is removed, the barrel will easily lift out of the frame.
Select the next barrel and line up the barrel’s retaining pin hole and reinsert the barrel retaining pin—this time from the right side. Push the barrel down to make sure it locks. You’re now ready to roll.

How’s it Shoot?
Heizer Defense claims reliability from the Pocket Shotgun, supporting this by shooting 5,000 rounds through it over two-and-a-half days without a failure.
Some tests were done by others not affiliated to HD, here’s what they observed after firing:
-The trigger pull was very heavy, yet somehow managed to keep all of the groups under 2 inches at 10 yards. (.45 ACP)
-Using Federal 2.5 inch 000 buckshot shells shooting at a cantaloupe from 3 yards produced a splattered fruit. Each 000 buckshot pellet weighed 70 grains. With a velocity of 644 fps and about 257 foot-pounds of energy. (fpe) The shotshell was also fired at 7 yards with four pellets strung vertically between 7 to 8 inches.
Just remember the Heizer Pocket Pistol is an up close and personal gun, and shooting it at 10 yards is a stretch for this gun.


Here’s the Specs:
Caliber: .223 Remington, .410/.45 Colt, 7.62x39mm
Barrel: 3.25 or 3.75 inches
OA Length: 5.58-6.15 inches
Weight: 21-23 ounces (empty)
Grips: Stainless steel
Sights: Fixed
Action: DAO
Finish: Black or stainless
Capacity: 1
MSRP: $399-$449

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